Monday, April 23, 2012

Working dogs!

Well, we had a fun weekend. It was nice to get things done, but also hang out.

Saturday we started with the a little bit of sleeping in, breakfast and then moved the bulls out to paradise. (In with their ladies). We pulled them off a couple months back and fed them up, now it's time for them to get back in business. They should be ready.
We took the dogs. Sage is getting her lessons in riding in the back of the truck and doing wonderful. She is so fearless. When we get to going 60+ Junior hides under the tool box. Not Sage. She has got her head hanging out the side. She is so much like Ace it is scary. (Just personality wise). She is a mess pot!

Ready to work!

Looking through the binoculars
We spent alot of time looking for the cows. We finally found them and got the bulls turned out.

This was not a very good picture, but it was a cool site to see them trailing in toward us. We have a mixture of colors with this herd. They are red and yellow, black and white and all precious in my site! Love them babies!

I also wanted to brag on my cute husband a little bit. I had a rough go at supper last night. Sometimes I just feel inadequate in the kitchen. Even though he might put his 2 cents in every once in a while, he always eats what I cook and says, "That was a good supper, thanks Mandie."
But last night, I didn't make enough noodles for the spaghetti and so I had to start another batch. Then I burnt the garlic bread in the oven. (Not to mention putting bombs in the microwave earlier at lunch, long story).  So, I through a little temper tantrum (totally called for) and then went in the kitchen to start another batch of bread.
For a side note: the dogs love when I cook. They get all the left overs and screw ups! They love my cooking!
So, to finish the story... I got supper finished and it was wonderful. The best spaghetti I have made to date. Everything turned out all right. Plus, I fell in love with my husband a little bit more. He told me after dinner, "I just don't know how you do it. You go to work and work beside me (sometimes) and then come home and cook and take care of the house."
Lets just say it feels so good to be appreciated and loved! Mmmm... he's so good!

I also wanted to show the work he's done on his spurs. He had started making a pair of spurs for the past couple of months, off and on when he has time. He has got more done since this picture (and I'll get one to update) and still has yet to put a button on. He also wants to do the silver work, but doesn't know how to do that yet. He is so talented!

We worked a little on the tile this weekend as well. We got some done, but it is still hard to see the end in sight. The weeks are just flying by so fast. It'll be tough to reach our my goal, but I so want to be in before planting season. We will get nothing done then.
It will be hard to move from our house where we are. I love the trees and grass we have going. It is so beautiful. We enjoyed Saturday afternoon in the shade playing with the dogs. Sage played in the sprinkler for 20 minutes and was sopping wet. She loves the water so much. And Bobby and I played some washers and then lay in the hammock for a little bit. It's good to just enjoy the days a little. They go by so fast.
Plus, I don't think people these days enjoy life in slow motion anymore. It's all about the go go go... more more more... for me simple is better!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Picture Update!

Here are the pictures that I promised yesterday. They're not great, but I'm not a photographer, so what can I say!

Zeva with her 4 kittens

Sage, wanting to shake my hand

She's easily distracted

The house pictures thus far. I know I haven't posteed much lately, but I will have to go bck and see what I've left out. The outside it pretty much finished (aside from framing wood around doors) so I know I need to get a picture of the outside. I have some pictures of the painted rooms, but they are pointless since you can't really tell what color they are.

Lights in great room!


Tile before we started yesterday. We got so much more done.

The hearth and entertainment station!
There is still tons to do, but at least it's starting to look like a house!

Goal 1: to get done with all the great room by next weekend... and maybe even bathroom floors. Definitely an obtainable goal!

Goal 2: Be done with all tile by the end of April (that includes showers, tubs and grouting!)

Here are the bride and groom!
My brother got married this past weekend and this is at the reception! She is so beautiful!

Everyone have a happy Friday and weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend!

So, I have been a real drag lately. I did not decorations for Easter, I didn't get any pictures from the wedding and I really have no news to tell.

We had a great time at the wedding. My family and I got to stay in the Farm House at Riven Rock Ranch. Bobby and I stayed in Martha's suite. It was so nice. We ate so good, too! Rehearsal dinner was in Kerrville at Billy Gene's. It was right off of the river and the food was amazing. We had such a good time catching up with the family and enjoying the beautiful green. And then we got breakfast at their grill on site. Wonderful! There were tons of wild flowers on our drive down there, too! Gorgeous!! I told Bobby it was like a paid vacation. We had a wonderful time!

We got home and our second cat had had her kittens. By best I can tell, we have 9 kittens in all now. I am just looking forward to when they will play with us. Hopefully the dogs will be nice to them.

Sage is getting so big! I was looking at pictures from 2 weeks ago and in that short amount of time she has grown a bunch. She is so smart, too! She already knows what, "Manners!" means and will beat Junior to a sit when it's time to play. We have enjoyed her tremendously and love her so much. God definitely had her hand picked for us. She is getting braver though. She is starting to hunt a little with her brother. He loves her, too, and lets her bite and chew all over him.

Bobby has been working hard on the tile in the house. I know I haven't posted much about the house lately, but it's coming along and I'm wanting to get done with this before summer hits. We have about half of the tile done in the great room, but there are still the baths. That will be the long part, since there is showers and tubs to tile. I have been helping Bobby when I can. It sure makes it go a lot faster when there is a tiling buddy to help. Poor Bobby has been laying the tile by himself during the day. Let's just say that he appreciates me coming and helping.

We got home on Sunday around 3 and Bobby was craving a cherry pie. His favorite now! So, since I had time, I went ahead and made one for him. It turned out really good, but didn't last very long!

Hope everyone had a great week!
I promise I will get pictures soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hoops, Goals and Dreams

My last post I talked about the rollercoaster I've been riding. Well, I was on the top this past Friday. The regional MHMR and West Texas Centers put on a March Madness for all the clients in the region. I'm going to tell you, even though I went to lend a hand, those people blessed my heart so big! They were so full of life and excited to be there. Love, love, loved it!

Teams being announced!

With Mascots and all!

Lets play ball!

This #15 is my guy. Love him!
Teams Warming Up

Halftime entertainment
Grease Lightenin'

Indian Dance

My Fav.. Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas

Last, but certainly not least,
Baby Baby- By Justin Beiber himself

It was such a wonderful time, even if people spit food on you when they talk! I'm there next year!