Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A peek into my life!

Well, here goes nothing!
A little about me. My husband and I have been married for 2 years now. Time sure flies. I can't imagine not being married or my life without Bobby! He is my pair for sure. It's cool how we complement each other so much. Life would be so much more difficult if we didn't have the same goals in life, too! We have normal jobs that pay the bills, but our real passion is ranching. We have just relocated our cows out to west Texas! God willing, we will be able to keep them and flourish with them here.
I work for the county. I am aid to the couty/district clerk and our county judge. I also am the secretary for our county extension agent. Never a dull moment, for sure! It sounds like a lot, but for our little county it works fabulous! I know God directed us to this little community. He always knows best. When I first moved out here with Bobby, I wasn't as thrilled as I am now. Its not all sunshine and roses, but with time this place grows on you and the people do, too! This is defiantly home for us!
Bobby works for a farmer, now, and loves his job. He gets to do a variety of different activities everyday. God has really blessed us both with jobs that challenge our minds. He has learned how to do mechanizing, building, pull a windmill, lay rock, plumb, and everything in between. On the side Bobby does some forge work. He invested in a forge a couple years back and now build stuff for me (a beautiful chandelier), he's working on some spurs, hooks, branding irons, ect.... He is so talented.
That sums up most of our life. Except our dogs, Junior and Ace, who are our children. We would lack for intertainment without them. They are so smart and so ornery! I will post more later, and make my blog prettier as time goes on.
God Bless!!