Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 18.

We are getting closer and closer to finding out what this little bundle I'm carrying is! I am so excited. I'm going to start off the new year with plenty to do. I feel like I've just been on pause (baby wise, everything else is in fast forward) until I know what this kid is.

In January I am going to clean up my craft room and get it more situated, then start turning that space into a baby zone! I already have a ton of clothes from a local ladies garage sale (both boy and girl!) so I will pull out the appropriate stuff and start washing and hanging stuff in the closet! Another major project is making the crib. The plan is right now to make a crib for the little one. It will be able to be used for all the future kids as well!

The crib goes well with my log living room. 

 This is kinda what we are looking at. We think it will be cool to have a crib made for the baby that is made from cedar from his/her Gramps place. It will be a lot of work as well, but a labor of love!

 I will also attempt to make bedding. Probably wrangle my mom to help. There are so many tutorials out there that I think it won't be too hard. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do bedding wise, but will figure it out along the way. Sometimes Pinterest can be a blessing and a curse. So many ideas and options. What to do... what to do???

As far a baby progress... We are the size of a bell pepper now! About 5 1/2 inches from head to bottom! Muscle flexing is going on and plenty of growth spurts. I feel like I'm really starting to grow as well. 

I still feel wonderful! I am so blessed and definitely don't take it for granted. Most the time I don't even remember I am pregnant, until I look into the mirror!

Hopefully my chalkboards will improve with time. I just kinda quickly do them. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Mandie and Lil' Mac

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 17.

I know I haven't been doing a weekly chalkboard update, but it doesn't seem like a whole lot is changing with me. {as far as appearance goes}. I do feel like he/she is growing a lot. Last night we were sitting in the living room watching TV and I tried sitting real still to see if I could feel Lil' Mac move. I think that I've felt him move in the past, but it also could have been wishful thinking and dreaming that I felt him move. Well last night I am pretty certain that I felt Lil' Mac moving inside of me. It is a pretty cool thing and I hope that it continues to pick up!

We set a date to find out what Lil' Mac is.... drum roll please.....     


I thought that it would be a great way to bring in the new year!! {Plus that's right at 20 weeks!} When I told Bobby when we were going to find out he was excited, but also mentioned that that was the day it all started for us! {I believe you can go to the page about me and read our story!} We had known each other, but sparks flew that New Years Eve 5 years ago!! I am so excited to find out and give this kid a name!! 

I took a horrible picture last week {Week 16}

Week 16
 I finally got around to doing another board! I had thought about doing one at Week 14 or 15 when it was an apple, then he was an avocado... now at week 17 we're the size of a turnip! I love this little turnip inside me!

My husband got home right when I was getting done taking my picture. I'm not sure if he was making fun or if he's just plain silly, but I had to capture it on camera!! What a goof!!

Maybe he's gaining the baby weight!! Ha!
Someone asked me if I was having cravings. I said I wasn't, but my husband was! A few weeks back he was scouring the fridge looking for pickles. He found some pickled okra and pickled jalepenos. I say go for it cause I don't want that stuff!!

As far as an update on my pregnancy!
I stole this from other blogs I've seen it on! 

How far along? 17 Weeks
Total weight gain: 9ish
Maternity clothes? No, loving leggings, though!!
Stretch marks? none yet!
Sleep: Wonderfully! Not getting up in the middle of the night much yet!
Best moment this week: Getting to feel undeniable baby movement!

Miss Anything? I would love to have a soda, but I didn't drink sodas much before anyways!!
Movement: Like Gas!
Food cravings: I just keep saying junk food! But I have been eating at least 2 {sometimes more} Cuties a day!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: No. Just have ugh moments every once in a while. Need to keep food in my belly!
Gender: ??? We're on team boy!!

Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In, even though my husband says it will pop out any moment!
Wedding rings on or off? On. It's been cold, so they are loose!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & EXCITED to say the least!
Looking forward to: Dec 31! Giving our sweet child a name!!

So that is it for this week! 
Be Merry!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finishing Up Thankful November!!

I believe I left off at Day 27.

Day 28!
I am thankful for family and spending time with them... and great food.
We made our way to my parents Wednesday night and then got up and started making preparations for dinner! Bobby and Tyler (BIL) got up before the sun and went duck hunting! The rest of us cuddled by the fire, made homemade hot chocolate and then got busy with all the fixin's! I love all the yummy Thanksgiving food!

Day 29.
I am thankful to be the aunt to the sweetest girl on the planet!
Miss Gracen Kate is the most adorable thing ever!! I could spend everyday with her! My sister had to work Friday morning, so I got to keep Miss G while she went to work! We had the best time feeding and playing outside! If you want this girl to be your friend, just say "outside"! She'll be right there!!

Day 30.
I am thankful for in-laws.
We left my parents Friday night and headed to where Bobby grew up! It was good getting to see that side of the family and catch up with them! We also got to drive around in ole Rosalea, Bobby's old Willys Jeep!

P.S. This was not taken over Thanksgiving! We actually wore our jackets this year!!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful thanksgiving!
Here's to celebrating our Savior's birth! Got to do some decorating!!!

Merry Christmas!!
Mandie and Lil' Mac

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Off the grid.

I know I have been MIA for days 22-26 (27 including today). I am going to try and sum them up all in one. One reason I have been "off the grid" is due to the fact that we've had NO POWER! Yep! For 4 days now we have been with out electricity.
Friday (Day 22) we were out of power for a couple of hours, but it came back on quickly. That day was rainy and cold, but once the power came back on I got out stuff to make homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and enjoyed the evening by the fire {a propane fire, but it gives the same feel!}.

I am thankful for electricity!

Saturday (Day 23) we woke up to white on the ground. No, it was not snow, but ice! These past 4 days have blurred together, but we still had power that day. We went and fed cows, enjoyed {except for the teams I was going for really sucked it up!} some football and simply just hanging out on a cold wintery day! One blip of power, but had power most of the day.

I am thankful for wintery days! {We don't see them too often around here. It's mainly just cold and windy!}

Sunday (Day 24) we woke to no power! I was planning on doing all this stuff around the house with the cold front, like baking Christmas cookies and sewing on some projects, but things changed. We had to scramble a little trying to find stuff to sustain life. This prego lady can't live too long with out a bite to eat. We got a camp stove going and got some grub cooking. It has been like camping {in your own bed} with candle light and kerosene lanterns and camp stoves. It's been a fun adventure. It is good to know that we can make it with out electricity!
Best of all, we got some good moisture!

I am thankful for rain!!

Monday (Day 25). Still no power. We took cows hay and made homemade donuts! Just enjoyed a day full of cabin fever! After 2 days already of being in the house, we had some cabin fever. Driving around helped a little!

This is just a pole that wasn't down. I heard there was over 1000 poles down!

The cows made the crunching sound on the ice! It was so cool to hear!

Homemade donuts!

There was an inch of ice on everything.

When you don't have power, you beat the socks off your husband in checkers!
I am thankful for being able to "rough" it for a while! Time with no distractions!

Tuesday (Day 26). Everything is melting! Still no power. Got a generator hooked up to the freezer and fridge! And watched a little TV!
My sister had a birthday!! Happy Birthday Mikkie!

I am thankful to have such a wonderful sister who is not only family, but a great friend!!

Wednesday (Day 27). I am thankful to be back at work today and to be headed home for Thanksgiving after work! So ready for some good mommas cooking and time with family!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful November. Day 20 & 21.

Day #20.
I am thankful for friends.
I have one particular friend that I am so thankful for today! And it is her birthday!! She means the world to me and even though we live many miles apart, space can't separate our connection. She is a wonderful woman of faith a challenges me in my walk with the Lord! She is funny, out going and you just never know what might pop out of her mouth! She is a blessing!
I love you Jessie Pope!

Day #21.
I am thankful for energy!
I think that second trimester has set in! I'm feeling better already and I have renewed energy! It is so nice to to have to prop my eyes open all day. I wasn't that sleepy before, but so tired and exhausted with no motivation to do anything. Now I am having more energy to get the things done that I need done!!

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful November. Day 19.

Day #19.
I am thankful for my grandmother.
I totally forgot and this should have been yesterday, but my grandmother turned 98 yesterday! Happy birthday Grandma! She is one tough cookie. It still blows my mind that she is 98 and super strong! She's like the energizer bunny! Just keeps going and going!! One thing I love most is to hear her stories of when she was young and newly wed and the things that they did. A lot has changed in 80 years!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful November. Day 16-18

Day #16.
I am thankful for the Fall weather.
This has been one of the strangest years I can remember. It is probably not like this for most, but if you live in Texas, you'll know what I'm talking about. We have had actual seasons. That's right! Spring felt like actual spring, summer is hot as usual, but now we are experiencing fall! I'm loving it. Enjoying cool mornings, cool evenings, sipping hot cider {since I can't do coffee right now!} and cuddling on the couch. Most of the time we go from 100 degree weather to freezing over night. No warning, no time to aclimate. Most thankful for this cool FALL weather! And for the rains we've had with the Fall!!

Day #17.
I am thankful for Sunday Fun Day!
This is stripping {cotton} season and that means that I get up, make breakfast, pack Bobby a lunch and then send him out the door. He doesn't return until dark 30 or later if they're on a roll. It's all part of the job, but I don't get to spend much time with him {or talk to him on the phone since he doesn't have service where he's been :( } Anyhow... Today {Sunday} has been a great day of getting to enjoy each other and the things we love. We did a couple chores around the house this morning, then after lunch went and fed cows, played with the dogs and then moved some equipment from one farm to another. It was good to get to spend time doing that together and working on our OWN things for a change! Love my love and fun Sundays together!!

Day #18.
I am thankful for weekly updates.
I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before {I'm probably I have, though}, but once I found out I was prego, I got on baby center to find out due dates and all that. I just put in some dates and then it gave me the info I wanted. Now I get weekly email updates with my babies progress. It is the best part of Monday's, by far!
Just since I love seeing what my little one is up to week by week, I will share this weeks update with you!

This week's big developments: Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb. Thanks to brain impulses, his facial muscles are getting a workout as his tiny features form one expression after another. His kidneys are producing urine, which he releases into the amniotic fluid around him -- a process he'll keep up until birth. He can grasp, too, and if you're having an ultrasound now, you may even catch him sucking his thumb. In other news: Your baby's stretching out. From head to bottom, he measures 3 1/2 inches -- about the size of a lemon -- and weighs 1 1/2 ounces.
It is so fascinating to me to see how fast they grow and develope. It's a definite miracle and there is DEFINITELY A GOD!!!
Happy Update Day!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful November. Day 14 & 15

Day #14.
I am thankful for marriage.
Today is our 4th anniversary!! At times it seems like time has flown, and others I feel like we've been married for much longer. {Absolutely in a good way!!}He is my life and I'm not sure what I would do without him! I'm so glad that God brought us together! Marriage has been a difficult thing at times, but it is so rewarding! I love being his wife and look forward to many more years together!!

Day #15.
I am thankful for Fridays!
'Nuff said!!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful November. Day 13.

It is getting harder and harder for me to find something to be thankful about. That sounds so awful, but it seems like I've already covered the big stuff! So, here it goes!

Day #13.
I am thankful for cotton!
This sounds silly, but it is what provides a living for my husband and I. We live in the middle of cotton fields. I bring this up cause it is harvest time! It is a wonderful time of year for farmers. They get to bring in the crop they've been working so many months to produce. It is kind of like when Bobby and I sell calves. That is our harvest!
This is also one of those things that can be hard to be grateful for. Even though this is my husbands job, I don't get to see him much. He stays in the fields as long as its dry enough to get that cotton out of the field!
{Here is a goal! I will try and get pictures of the harvest before it is over!}

Happy Harvesting!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful November. Day 10-12!

Day #10.
I am thankful for my second trimester.
Even though I have been super bless with no morning sickness, it still seems like a milestone to hit the second trimester. It kinda feels like time is flying by and I haven't done anything to prepare! I know that I still have 6 months and I'm not worrying about it at all!
I think I'm going to start weekly chalkboards. Maybe not weekly, but every couple of weeks or so! This is a big one, so I did a lil' mac {as my sister has dubbed the little gummy bear} update!

Day #11.
I am thankful for our Veteran's.
Today, being Veteran's Day and all, I want to be extremely thankful for all they have done for our future. They have unselfishly fought for our country for generations with honor! We have the freedoms we have in our country because of these brave men and women. I am forever thankful!

Day #12.
I am thankful for creativeness.
I think that this is also something that I take for granted. I have always loved doing crafts and projects. Anything from sewing to woodworking and everything in between. Since that was the way I was raised and have always done this, I didn't think that it was that uncommon. I have such a talented mother and so I was always trying to live up to her, not realizing how high I had set my heights, but also not knowing that it wasn't that common. I am very thankful God gave me a creative mind and the abilities to "craft" and build things. I love it!

Have a great week!

Thankful November. Day 9.

Day #9.
I am thankful for my puppies. 
We have two adorable and cuddly pups. They are catahoulas and try our patience on a regular basis. They play dog games with each other and fight over who gets the chair {on the front porch}! But they love each other and they love us! So I love them. God has blessed us with some gummy characters for dogs and I am so thankful!! 

This is from our walk we took this evening!!


Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful November. Day 8.

Day #8:
I am thankful for health.
I am not one to complain, but yesterday I was suffering from a severe headache. I'm not sure if this is caused by the little one or not, but it is not any fun. I told my husband this morning that health is something that I think we take for granted. I am not taking health for granted this morning. It is a beautiful thing! I am feeling rested and wonderful this morning! God is so good! Thankful for feeling great!

And have a thankful weekend!!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful November.

In normal fashion I am behind on my days.

Day #5:
I am thankful for healthy heart beats!
I had a Dr. appointment today! It was my 12 week check up! A pretty uneventful check up. Everything was good and the babies heart beat is still at 160! So cool to get to hear him/her in there! Not much other evidence of it, so it is always good to get a fun reminder of the precious life in front of me!

Day #6:
I am thankful for my bible study group!
I have been doing the Beth Moore Jesus bible study with a group of ladies out here. It is such a uplifting thing to be a part of. I love love love the ladies that I do the study with and am so blessed by all their wisdom and encouragement. And Beth Moore is incredible. If you haven't done one of her studies, you need to give one a try!


Day #7:
I am thankful for my job.
Sometimes it is not so easy to be thankful for things in your life. Like today, for instance, I am not wanting to be at work. I want to go home and sleep. Days like these make it hard to appreciate the blessings in my life. I do like my job! I have great bosses and enjoy the things that I get to do. I have been blessed with great opportunities! Thank you Jesus for my job!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful November!

I've decided to join the band wagon and do the "every day I'm thankful for..." thing that it seems so many people are doing. Even though I'm not one to jump in and do what others are doing, I am so thankful for so much in my life. I think that us as Americans have much to be thankful for and those of us as Christians have even more to be thankful for, that I should share and give God all the glory for the blessings in my life.

I am not super good about doing "day" challenges, but I will get every day done through out the month! Since I am already 3 days behind, I will just catch up as need be! Since the first things are so obvious, it doesn't much matter that I'm so late!

Day #1:
I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
He is my rock. I know I need to be more diligent in my studies, prayer and all in all my relationship with him, but I'm so thankful he is always there! He is my true romancer!!

Day #2:
I'm thankful for my hubby!
Anyone who knows Mr. Bobby knows what a little toot he can be! He is so stubborn and hard headed, but he still takes my breath away day after day! Even though marriage is not a cake walk, it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I have learned so much about my self and about life, and still have tons to learn. Thank you Jesus for bringing such a strong and Godly man into my house! I'm so excited to see him become a daddy!

Day #3:
I'm thankful for family.
It goes without saying that I would not be here today if it weren't for my family. Their love and support has helped shape me into the woman I am. Even though we've had our fair share of fights, I love them to pieces! I've enjoyed seeing them fall in love, get married and start a family. {Even though not all that has happened for each one, yet!!}
Thanksgiving last year! Will update hopefully soon!

Day #4:
I'm thankful for my growing little family.
It is such an overwhelming feeling to find out you are pregnant. Even though this has been something that we've been wanting and praying for, for quite some time, you never know how you are going to react until it hits you! We are blessed beyond measure to be apart of this little beautiful gift of life! It is a true miracle growing inside of me and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!

Happy Thankful Month!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Petticoats on the Prairie.

So, a little late, but as promised, I bring you some pictures of our booth this past weekend. We had a great time, met some good people, had a great learning experience and made a bit of money. All in all... it was fun!!

Of course, not ever doing such a big set up, I (we) were a bit nervous. I had picked up all my sisters big stuff {she lives 2 hours away} the weekend before. Thursday, morning early before work,  I finished loading the trailer with all my stuff, with the help of my darling husband. I worked until noon on Thursday then took the rest of the weekend off. Set up was on Thursday and we were supposed to be open for business Friday morning. So, being by myself, I did the best I can. After a couple hours I had this...

This was the big stuff. I had set up the doors, work bench, curtain, sign and rug. Now I just have to get things put in it!!

 The sign for our booth. We are TEXAS COTTON TALES!!

 There is my lovely sister and one half of our booth

 the other half

 You can see her baby swings hanging from the ceiling!

After my sister got there on Friday morning... that is what it looked like. She brought her swings and we arranged everything how we wanted it. We didn't want to leave the quilts and such out over night, so we finished setting up just in time for shoppers!!

This was our first sell. My scrap pumpkins I made. I guess I should have made more!!

There was a lady that had to back out of her spot at the last second, so along our row out in the steer barn (we were set up at the Fairgrounds), we had an empty spot. Several of my booth neighbors said I should ask the lady if I could put my extra stuff in there, (we had several pieces of furniture that wouldn't fit in our original booth), weird since I had been dreaming of that same thing all night. The lady said she didn't want any empty booths so she would love it if we would fill that spot. YAY!! We went and got the rest of our things and put them in that spot!!

There is not a whole lot to this, but it was wonderful to have extra space to set up our junk!!

We have a first venture under our belt. Now on to the next. We will have to wait and see what that will be. The spring Petticoats is in Ballinger, TX in April. I will be 8+ months prego so we will see if I'm up to that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some BIG News!

It is relieving to finally get to share this. I have debated on sharing my thoughts for a while now, just never went through with it!

 All those thoughts that I've had the last year and a half of trying, seem so dim. All is forgotten and I am just basking in His Glory with Thanksgiving!! God is so good and his timing is perfect. I know we always say, "In God's timing this will happen or that will happen", but in reality that is so hard to live out.

My mom gave me some excellent advice that gave the "peace in waiting!" That was that there is a time from our kids to be born. They of course could not be born before their time, but we sometimes want them in our time and by our schedule. Her prime example is the the time my dad was born. See, his parents were married 11 years before he came along (he is the first child). In 1940 that is unheard of. I don't believe they used as many forms of birth control as we do these days. If my dad had been born 10 years earlier, there is a huge chance he would have never met my mom. He is already 5 years older then her. Who knows where his life would have taken him.

Though I'm glad I did not have to wait 11 years for my first child, it puts "God's timing" into perspective! I'm so thankful and overjoyed by this new life he has put in me. He is faithful and just!!

Realize that this is a sort of random post. I am definitely not a writer, plus my brain is a bit jumbled. Not only and I dealing with all the changes pregnancy does to your body, I'm also trying to get ready for this weekend. This is the weekend we've been planning for for months. Petticoats on the Prairie. I'm excited, but with that comes lots of nerves. Maybe y'all can say a prayer for me!! :)

Well, that is the BIG News! At around 2 months along, I'm so glad that I don't have to keep this a secret anymore and that I'm feeling very good. I have nausea spells, but no sickness really!! Praise The Lord!!!

I will be back with more updates, soon! As for now, the little gummy bear and I are out!

Have a great weekend!!


Friday, October 11, 2013

First Show

Last weekend was the St. Lawrence Fall Festival. That is the little community that Bobby and I live in. It is a huge German community and so this is one of the churches big fundraisers. They make sausage and stay up all night barbequing and smoking sausage to get ready for the 1st Sunday in October. A few years back they started allowing people to come set up booths in the church lawn. My sis and I decided that might be a good small venue to get our feet wet with the new adventure we are on. So, we had our debut and I am so very pleased with how we did. Sadly, I did not take any pictures, but we had the monkey bars to hang all our swings on to display. That worked really well since we sold all but one!! YAY!!

Anyways! My sister and her husband came for that Saturday night and Sunday to help with the booth. And of course Miss G came with. I wanted to share a few pics of that sweet face!

She love getting to ride in the stroller. Good thing I have a long hall that runs through my house. We just rode back and forth through the house... I think she enjoyed it!! And not to mention the rattle the boys made for her out of an empty snuff can! Boys!!

Love that little toothed grin, the squeal she makes when she tickled or happy and watching those tiny feet walk around! She is so fun!! Auntie hood is wonderful!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Warrenton Trip 2013

In normal fashion, I'm late on getting around to post this. It has been a whirlwind of craziness... which I will share more about later!

Here are a few of my finds this year. It's sad to say, but I petered out a lot quicker this year then normal. Our group was a bit slower, too. My sister was on her first few days of being able to put weight on her healing ankle and we had miss Gracen, too. But the hard part for me was the heat. It was 100% humidity and in the 90's. I'm a West Texas girl who cannot handle the humidity. But we perused and then went back Sunday morning (it was rainy and much nicer) and finished up our purchases and headed back.

Now I normally take "my stash", which is money I've saved up, to spend on our girls weekend. That being said I normally just buy things for me. Well, this year I wanted to get the sweet hubs something and I found just the thing!

I'm not sure if I have told you guys about my husbands awesome skills, but he has made us a chuck box. He loves history and wanted a version similar to what was used in old chuck wagons. It is a bit smaller, it was made for his Willys Jeep trailer, but it turned out really nice. Anyways... I found this old coffee grinder. It is a wall mount grinder that is an original one used back when. You can tell that there is lots of wear and tear on it. I was so excited to find it. It was a last minute stop on the way out and I'm so glad my mom spotted it!
I also got him a t-shirt from Buc-ees on the way out that says, "Come and Take It" with the canon on it! He loves it!!

Other things:
 Just some metal flowers. I should have picked some up on Saturday, because they were picked through by Sunday, but I still like what I got!

 New Scale. Yes, I got one last year, but it was not rusty enough for me. So I found this one and will be selling my yellow one at Petticoats.

 I was calling this a decanter, but my mom will have to tell you the real name. Apparently a decanter is for liquor. This is for vinaigrette's and pepper sauce. That is why I got it!

 Just some cool metal letters. I'm loving this. I got it to use in our booth, but not sure what I will do with it afterwards. But hey... it's cool! They also have tons of just letters by themselves that are just metal rusty looking. I loved them, but didn't know what to do with them, so I held out. I should have broke down and got some. Oh well! They were everywhere, though. I should be able to find some easily if I want some.

 Basket to use at the booth!

And a aluminum cake saver. Been needing one and I love this!!

Other then that, I just got me some clothes.

That is about the extent of our trip. We had a good time, enjoyed each others company and shopped till we dropped!
There are a t-shirt I saw that said, "What happens in Warrenton stays with the girls!" It was $40 or I would have gotten it. So, with that being said, I guess I can't say much else!!

Till next year Warrenton!!