My Story

This small community that we live in is very unique. Everyone knows everyone and is most likely related to everyone. So, when we moved here, people wanted to know why. Most from here are born, raised and came back to raise their kids here. So, when these 2 folks that no-body knows shows up.... eye brows begin to raise! And so the story goes...

Bobby, my dear husband, moved here in the summer of 2008. He got a job with the state as a livestock inspector and was located out in West Texas. He was over 7 counties, so he basically had his pick of where he wanted to live. A friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing later and Bobby landed out here in the 'patch'. Since his job was working with livestock and most everyone here just farms.... he didn't know many folks out here. He did work for his 'now boss' on weekends and time off, but not much other interaction with the community.

Now how Bobby and I fell in love. Get ready for this crazy, confusing story!

We started dating in January of 2009. I had known Bobby and his family since 2003. Our families met at a local-yocal rodeo and so my family and his family had become friends. We saw each other at rodeos and I had been around the family a few times. This meant that I'd meet and been around him several times, but we never really got to know each other.

Fast forward a few years. I had just graduated college and Justin, Bobby's cousin and a college friend of mine, invited me my siblings and some other college friends to their family's New Year's Eve dance at another cousins house. So, off we go!
{Now, I knew Bobby would be there, but I had no idea what God had in store.}
Rewind a few months... my dad had developed a relationship with Bobby. He had been around him through some of Bobby's family functions and also Bobby's boss at the time and my dad are great friends. On the other side of the story... I had just finished college and was still single, didn't date any really in college and the ole pops was worried that I wouldn't find love {or that I would chase it away}. He thought that I was scared of LOVE and he told me he had picked some guys that he thought was suitable for me! I knew I just hadn't met the right guy, but I had to find out who he thought I should marry!!
Now fast forward to New Year's Eve!... We show up at the dance... I'd told my roommate that this guy my dad liked for me would be there... once I point him out to her she's on "Team Dad" and giving me a hard time about him. Justin is giving him a hard time about me, but Bobby and I just visit and dance a little. No big deal, right. {Note: this is the first time we've hung out that he's been single!} We end the night, say our good byes and he hasn't asked me for my number. I'm the 'old fashioned' type and think the guy should do the chasin', so I don't give it to him neither.The next day my roomie was encouraging me to just call and get his number, but I stuck to my guns and wanted him to do the pursuing. A week later I was headed to West Texas for work. I nonchalantly texted Justin and mentioned I was in West Texas and just made small talk. He was like, "You should call Bobby up... he'd love to come meet up with you." "Oh yea... well I don't have his number." Justin texted me his number. I saved it in my phone, but was just waiting to get the nerve up and call him. Later that night I get a voice message... {drum-roll please}... from Mr. Bobby. I was so excited! Plus, I didn't have to do any much chasin'! We went out a few nights later and I guess we can say the rest is history.

We got married November 14, 2009! After almost 3 years later, I can't imagine life without him. God has really blessed us! My dad was a little overwhelmed when we had such a quick engagement, but mom said I guess you need to be careful of what you pray for!

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