Friday, January 15, 2016

The Year of 2015.

I keep hearing that 2015 was one of the worst years for people. It's been posted all over facebook and in the news. I wonder why someone would call a year "not a good year"? Because of one or two bad things that happened? Maybe what's going on nationally? But I'm here to share the highlights of our 2015! A year of hard lessons learned and the Lord being bountiful in his blessings and his mercy. 

Let's just say life with a cruiser growing into a toddler is very fun and busy. I can't hardly remember what happened this time last year. I would normally post a monumental "event" that happened each month, but will probably miss a few!

We learned how to drive. 

Got to ride with Gramps. 

Our big boy turned one! (How does time fly so fast?) 

Got to sign the lease and move cattle onto a ranch the Lord blessed us with! Is this really happening? God is so good!!

This month was filled with the 4th of July picnic! 

Family photos! 

And my birthday at the ballpark! 

Had another litter of puppies. (10 again) 

And celebrated our cousins 1st birthday! 

Our annual girls trip to Warrenton Antique two boys!!

Started renovating the new pad! Another huge blessing of provision from our gracious Savior! 
(plus we have the cutest little helper) 

And we found out Asa is going to be a big brother!

First football game! 

And riding horse with cousin G at thanksgiving. 

Got to see our second little gummy bear! Due June 24

And lots of fun for Christmas!!

 (My growing family. Two more grand babies next year! My sis is due in June, too!) 

And to top you off for next year... We have finished the renovation and are moving in...but that's a story for a different post!!

I can definitely say 2015 has been full of blessings! We are grateful! And excited to see what God has in store for the McIlroy's in 2016!!