Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Twelve Months.

A year has past since we first welcomed our little boy into our home and into this world. We knew things were going to change, but one cannot fully understand that change except through experience. Parenthood has been such an amazing journey. One that never ends, just keeps changing. I remember when Asa was a bit younger how I would have sweet little victories of confidence when things were going so seamless. Like understanding what he was wanting, when. And getting him to nap on his own. I would think, "man, I'm figuring this thing out!", then the next week Asa would change things up on us and I'd be back at square one saying, "I have no idea what to do!" Now I realize that I can't just plan out how this 'thing' is going to go and just roll with the leaps and punches! 

At a year old, Asa is: 
Crawling, still, but walks when you hold a hand. He is not braving letting go, yet! 
Climbs anything... Stairs, into wagon, picnic table,...
Points... he notices all sorts of things now and wants to show you! 
He will wave occasionally, but is pretty much over it. 
Nods and shakes head and shrugs shoulders. 
Loves to dance and move to the music... (We will probably be getting him into music lessons later on!)
Into tools... hammers, wrenches, SCREWDRIVERS,... 
Wagon rides. He got a red wagon for s birthday, and now he climbs in it and wants to go for rides! 
Riding horses. Loves riding horses. 
Mud. Dirt. Water. He sees it, he's in it. 
Likes bath time. 
Hates his diaper changed. 
Helps put his shirts on. 
Talks up a storm, but in grunts. 
Says Dada and is saying momma more. 
And last but not least... HAS THE BEST BELLY LAUGH EVER!!!

Here's a few pics from his party... 

We love our little bear! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eleven Months.

Asa Barret is 11 months old. 

He eats mud and dirt. Likes to push his trucks and tractors around. Loved to play in water/mud. Is all about screwdrivers. His favorite tool... by far!

He is starting to bear crawl. Doesn't want on his knees, but doesn't trust his feet. 

And we're all about riding horses!! That's where it's at!! 

Love this tow headed, mud eatin', little boy!! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ten Months.

This post is very late, but I've got a busy little boy on my hands!! 

I cannot believe that Asa is in the double digits. 
Asa is ALL boy. He makes "vroom" sounds for anything with wheels. And rolls it back and forth on whatever... the floor, table, me... 
This little boy is always on the go. He loves loves loves the outdoors. He also likes to put anything he finds in his mouth. Makes my job full time. {Is this why moms do pacifiers?!?} 
He is also a very proficient waver, now. Even though it looks like he's knocking or  roping. And sometimes it's used as a clap. 
We dance. 
We shake our head no.  
We like to laugh with mommy and daddy. 

He has stolen our hearts... more and more each day!! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nine Months.

How is it possible that Asa has been outside as long as he was inside? He's nine months old now!! Wow!! This boy sure has changed, though, in these 9 short months of his life!! 

What's new: 
­čö╣Mimicking. Now when I make certain sounds he will repeat them back. So adorable!!
­čö╣Clucking. Anything with his tongue. Asa will do all sorts of noises with his mouth. Popping his tongue of the roof of his mouth is one of his favorites. Pressing his lips together to make a tooting sound. Or sticking his tongue out and blowing. 
­čö╣Fish face. A couple weeks ago I saw him do this. Cracked me up. Now he does it all the time. I need to try an get a good picture of it! I'm guessing its a teething thing. 
­čö╣4 teeth. We now have our top to teeth in. Might be more soon!
­čö╣Getting better at waving. 
­čö╣Drives his car (walker) like a champ. 

Most of the things now are just more advanced then last month. He's getting way better at getting in to things.  Like... Way faster!! 

We hung out with our cousins. 

And yes... I gave him the dorky hair cut. We keep it brushed to the side and it's cute!! (Plus, look how he's always sitting. Herkie style!) 

Fish face: 

We had a bottle calf for a couple weeks. Had to keep her warm while she regained her strength. Then Sage (our momma dog) kept her warm outside!! 


That's our month in a nut shell!! 

Eat your heart out ladies!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eight Months.

At eight months Asa:
Is up! He cannot balance by himself, but he is 'pulled-up' on something most of the time. Either my legs, the cabinets, coffee table, end table, couch, dresser,.... ALL THE TIME! 
He also walks down the couch or coffee table. He can even round the corner! 

Stated really saying "dada"! Lets just say his dada is so proud. He kinda says momma but babbles lots of things. Like 'ga'. 

Favorite games are peek-a-boo and being thrown in the air. 

Wants the toilet paper. 

Smiles big and giggles after a sneeze and I say "bless you"! Not sure if it's the sneeze he likes or me blessing him!?! But either way it's cute. 

He will suck on his pacifier some. But it's more of a toy then a comfort. 

Beginning to start waving. 

Funny thing. When I build blocks with him, he knocks them over as fast as he can. And I really wanted to build a tall tower! I might enjoy his toys as much as he does! I guess now I have an excuse to play toys!! 

And he is learning things in extreme short amounts of time. He changes daily. It is so fun to see him learn. 

We are continually saying, "He is so cute!!"" Can you wear that phrase out? We're going to try. 
I'm sure we are not much different then any other first time parent, but you just don't get it until you have one of your own!! God is so good!! 

We are working on our top teeth. 

And we got our first "haircut"! (More of a trim around the ears!) 

And he loves loves loves his dad!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I'm going to use this post as kind of a "confessions" or put myself out there kinda post. 
Recently I've had this urge to write. To put my feelings and thoughts down on paper (or some sort of black and white!). Even though I have these feelings, I'm not that great of a writer. I will sit down and put words on a page, then read it and think, "that sounded so much better in my head." But here is to organizing my thoughts on paper. 

One thing I would like to write is more blog posts. Share more about my life. Not that it is that interesting, but, being a stay at home mom, it would feel more like some human interaction, even if that interaction is just me, my thoughts and a computer. 

Another thing that I would like to write is children's books. My sister and I make some baby/children things. Swings. Bedding. Clothes... She has been way more successful at it then me. I seems to have too many interests. I will make one thing then have another idea and want to make something else. (And then I'm pretty much the only one who likes my ideas!) and kinda like this blog post, my intentions get redirected. So back on track. I think that if we added some cute stories about things we name out products after would be cute. We'll see if I ever get that dream off the ground. And plus, I have no idea how to even get a book published. 

Tonight is going to be a little start to me writing more. This will probably be nothing more then a memory for me to look back on in ten years and say, "wow, I knew nothing then!" Hopefully I learn a lot in the next ten years!!

I think about sharing things that I've learned about being a new mommy or struggles about being a new mommy and how I don't know what I'm doing. I've thought about sharing Asa's outfits and do #ootd for him. (That's outfit of the day.... I had to look it up, not long ago, to figure it out!) But for today, I'm just going to share my New Years resolutions. We're only 10 days into the new year, better late then never! 

1. Pray more. 
I was watching the Glenn Beck Program before Christmas and he was visiting with his wife about them. Resolutions that is... and he said that he didn't want to make some lame resolution like, loose weight or read my bible more. Not at those things are bad, but we (as humans) tend to just think about the broad things and then don't stick to them. Anyways.... It made since to me. So, with that being said, I want to talk to God more then I talk to myself in a day. Take time away from my own thoughts to listen to him. I know it will be hard, my mind goes a million miles in circles, but I'm in need of that!!

2. Cook. 
This is kinda two parts. I want to be better about thinking about meals (that different then meal planning, right?) and getting them on the table at a decent time. Asa needs that. Part two, I'm going through all my recipes, things I've clipped or printed off and stuck in a drawer never too be tried, and organize, try and toss. Or keep. I've started. I have a new note book that I've started writing all my go to recipes or Christmas recipes in where it is prettier and organized!! 
Oh and making a Christmas cookbook with all the stuff I grew up on.... Meal and treats... That way it's all in one spot!! Good gift for the fam too! 

Well, two is about all the resolutions I can muster. I would like to have clean my house more, but I know that I will break that before the month is over. Don't get me wrong, my house isn't that messy, just un-dusted. I do keep it picked up. And then I have a crawler that scatters things all over, but I usually pick up all toys and ect. after he goes to bed. We start fresh in the morning. 

Ok, I don't think I have anything else interesting to say.