Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Twelve Months.

A year has past since we first welcomed our little boy into our home and into this world. We knew things were going to change, but one cannot fully understand that change except through experience. Parenthood has been such an amazing journey. One that never ends, just keeps changing. I remember when Asa was a bit younger how I would have sweet little victories of confidence when things were going so seamless. Like understanding what he was wanting, when. And getting him to nap on his own. I would think, "man, I'm figuring this thing out!", then the next week Asa would change things up on us and I'd be back at square one saying, "I have no idea what to do!" Now I realize that I can't just plan out how this 'thing' is going to go and just roll with the leaps and punches! 

At a year old, Asa is: 
Crawling, still, but walks when you hold a hand. He is not braving letting go, yet! 
Climbs anything... Stairs, into wagon, picnic table,...
Points... he notices all sorts of things now and wants to show you! 
He will wave occasionally, but is pretty much over it. 
Nods and shakes head and shrugs shoulders. 
Loves to dance and move to the music... (We will probably be getting him into music lessons later on!)
Into tools... hammers, wrenches, SCREWDRIVERS,... 
Wagon rides. He got a red wagon for s birthday, and now he climbs in it and wants to go for rides! 
Riding horses. Loves riding horses. 
Mud. Dirt. Water. He sees it, he's in it. 
Likes bath time. 
Hates his diaper changed. 
Helps put his shirts on. 
Talks up a storm, but in grunts. 
Says Dada and is saying momma more. 
And last but not least... HAS THE BEST BELLY LAUGH EVER!!!

Here's a few pics from his party... 

We love our little bear! 


  1. Wow! I can't believe he's a year old!
    I love the banner on his high chair and the picture in the tent is just too cute :)!

  2. Dog Gone cute!! That's my little buddy!