Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Maternity Photos.

I wanted to share a few of my maternity pictures we took weekend before last! I believe my sister is going to edit them, but this is the raw pictures! I think that they turned out pretty cute! {Even though I'm pretty critical of pics of myself!}

Week 32.

Not much change since last week. Just continued growth! He moves all the time, which is a fun thing to experience! I can feel him stretching on me daily!

He is just slightly larger then last week weighting in at 3 3/4 pounds and 16.7 inches long! {Approximately, of course!} I went to the doc last week and he is measuring right where he should be! And his heart beat was 150. He's a healthy little boy!

My brother and his wife found out this week that they are having a little boy as well! We are so thrilled that Asa will have so many cousins so close to his age! What an exciting time in life!

I had my 3rd shower this past Sunday. I didn't get any pictures from the shower so there is not much to share! I did receive our crib from my sweet hostesses! It feels good to have that done and now we are almost ready for him to be here! I will get a mattress next time I go to town and get his bed all set up! For now this is what it looks like!

The rest of the room is not put together yet! I'm not sure exactly where I am going to put everything yet! I am also going to be building a bookshelf for all the great books I have gotten!

You can see the basket full of blankets for him! We have been so blessed with some sweet sweet gifts!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shower #2.

My sweet sisters, S-I-L and mom threw me a shower at me parents house this past weekend! We had such a good time. The best thing I think was getting the family all together... and playing on the porch with miss G.

The shower was very nice, too! The girls went all out on decoration and getting everything cute and ready for company!

 This was the cute diaper cake they made for me! It is rolled up like logs of wood. So now I have a good stack of wood and a fire going! What a good idea! They did a great job! My sis also made the woodland animals and window for me! They all will be going in his room! So perfect!!

This is the large variety of food! Those carrot cupcakes were amazing!!

 Bobby's Nanny and mom came to the shower! So nice of them to make it to another shower!

The LOOT! So many cute things! This little boy is so blessed! Fix-Me-Up Johnny Tractor is one of my favorite gifts! It's so cool, I've already gotten it out of the package and played with it! I told Bobby that is just the first of many toys he will have to take out of packages like that!! They are definitely kid proof!

My little sis, Mollie and I! And a lady giving my mom the stare down, like you better not take that picture! Love you Tanya!!

 We got a sister picture!

My S-I-L, Lyn, and I are prego at the same time! We had to take pic together! I'm 31 weeks and she is 17 weeks! She is barely showing, but as cute as can be! Can't wait to find out what Baby Fullagar is going to be!! Next week!!

My sister also took my maternity pictures! I am now PATIENTLY waiting to get them! I can't wait to see them! I will share when I get them!

Another thing we jammed into our weekend was getting together with our cousins. It has been many many years since we have all gotten together. Probably since Mikkie's wedding, almost 6 years ago! We were finally able to gather back up and we went and ate dinner together! It was a fun time of catching up!

 This is the extended group!

Us original cousins!

All in all... A fabulous weekend! Both Bobby and I are overwhelmed by all the love and support we are getting as we prepare to bring this little boy into the world! So blessed!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 31.

This week Asa is measuring over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3 1/3 pounds (about the size of a coconut) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy. 

This was my update for the week! All sounds about right. He is moving and I can definitely tell he is growing! I feel him stretching me out more and more! 

How far along? 31 weeks, 2 days
Total Weight Gain: I go to the doc this week.. we will see
Maternity Clothes? Yes, even though I mainly wear leggings or dresses
Stretch marks? No. I'm keeping oiled up!
Sleep? Good and through the night!
Best Moment this week? Hitting 7 months! Today!
Miss anything? Bending over easily!
Movement? All the time, even though he seems way more cramped in there then ever before!
Food Cravings? Sandwiches!
Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? I think I have been feeling Braxton Hicks, but they aren't painful, it's just a weird feeling! Maybe I'm wrong.
Belly Button? IN. Almost non-existent though!
Rings off/on? On!
Happy/Moody? Happy!
Looking forward to? My 3rd Shower this weekend! I get my crib and then I can finally finish the nursery. Then it will be all about the wait!

Today is 2 months from Asa's due date! It is weird to believe! I keep hearing that these are the most unpleasant months, but just like I've said from the beginning... I'm going to enjoy every minute! I won't last forever! Plus, I definitely want him fully cooked!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 30.

30 weeks down and 10 to go!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I'm almost overwhelmed with May fastly approaching. On the other hand, I cannot hardly wait for it to be here! I'm so excited to meet our little boy and see what he looks like and to get to feel his feet from this side!

I was outside yesterday afternoon and caught my shadow! It is still shocking to see a big ole belly sticking out there. You would think after 6+ months I would get used to the idea. It still is an amazing miracle!

In other news... We have decided that building a cedar crib might have been a bit too much for us right now... plus getting Bobby's butt in gear was the biggest challenge!
So, some sweet ladies that are hosting a shower for me are gifting one to us! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get it so I can get me nursery in order.

I did finish the curtains for the nursery this past weekend. No. No pictures, but I promise I will post pictures of the nursery soon as I have it done!

His nursery was my craft room prior to becoming his nursery. It has still been my habit to do all my projects in there until I have a sleeping baby in there! Thus, it's a wreck. Bobby is not very pleased with my mess, but it will all be picked up and ready soon!

I have my next shower this weekend. I'm mainly excited because we will get the whole family together! It will be fun to see everyone and catch up!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Shower #1.

One shower down... three to go!

I am overwhelmed by all these sweet ladies wanting to shower us with gifts and love as we get ready to bring this little baby into the world!

We had our first of many showers in Lampasas County this past weekend {where Bobby is from}. Some sweet ladies from the church his parents go to threw it together and it was such a wonderful party.

We had a fabulous cake! I could have eaten the entire thing!

One of the hostess' made this quilt for me! I love it! And love that it has his name embroidered on it! Perfect for our little cowboy!

 They had cute decorations up!

See the loot! I was overwhelmed by the stack of presents to unwrap. Thankfully I had a 5 year old nephew to help bring me gifts and rip them open for me!

My sweet mom made the shower. And a sweet cousin, Erin! Love those ladies!

My mom is the bomb as well. She, S-I-L Lyn, Erin and a few others I'm sure, consolidated all the gifts into a big tub I brought and loaded it all in the car before I knew it! Such a blessing to have them do that for me!

I loved getting home on Sunday and going back through all the loot and looking at the cute little outfits and blankets we received! This little Asa is loved so much already!

I didn't take a bump picture with my chalkboard this week... WEEK 29!!... but I took a pic the day of the shower. I was just one day shy of 29 weeks.

No denying the bump now!

We also got to meet our sweet niece, Piper, on Sunday! {Well, I actually met her Saturday, but didn't get to hold her!} With the distance and everything that happened with her early arrival, we didn't get to give her her gifts yet. We bought her some crocheted cowboy boots with big spur rowels, just like her daddy!

She is just the most precious thing! Bobby just giggled when he held her! And he says he only wants boys... he would be absolutely wrapped around a little girls finger!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!