Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shower #2.

My sweet sisters, S-I-L and mom threw me a shower at me parents house this past weekend! We had such a good time. The best thing I think was getting the family all together... and playing on the porch with miss G.

The shower was very nice, too! The girls went all out on decoration and getting everything cute and ready for company!

 This was the cute diaper cake they made for me! It is rolled up like logs of wood. So now I have a good stack of wood and a fire going! What a good idea! They did a great job! My sis also made the woodland animals and window for me! They all will be going in his room! So perfect!!

This is the large variety of food! Those carrot cupcakes were amazing!!

 Bobby's Nanny and mom came to the shower! So nice of them to make it to another shower!

The LOOT! So many cute things! This little boy is so blessed! Fix-Me-Up Johnny Tractor is one of my favorite gifts! It's so cool, I've already gotten it out of the package and played with it! I told Bobby that is just the first of many toys he will have to take out of packages like that!! They are definitely kid proof!

My little sis, Mollie and I! And a lady giving my mom the stare down, like you better not take that picture! Love you Tanya!!

 We got a sister picture!

My S-I-L, Lyn, and I are prego at the same time! We had to take pic together! I'm 31 weeks and she is 17 weeks! She is barely showing, but as cute as can be! Can't wait to find out what Baby Fullagar is going to be!! Next week!!

My sister also took my maternity pictures! I am now PATIENTLY waiting to get them! I can't wait to see them! I will share when I get them!

Another thing we jammed into our weekend was getting together with our cousins. It has been many many years since we have all gotten together. Probably since Mikkie's wedding, almost 6 years ago! We were finally able to gather back up and we went and ate dinner together! It was a fun time of catching up!

 This is the extended group!

Us original cousins!

All in all... A fabulous weekend! Both Bobby and I are overwhelmed by all the love and support we are getting as we prepare to bring this little boy into the world! So blessed!


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  1. What a great shower set up. I love the log diaper cake!!! unique. Your sister did a darling job with those cute animals too :) Do you have room for all of this stuff your getting?! :)