Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nine Months.

How is it possible that Asa has been outside as long as he was inside? He's nine months old now!! Wow!! This boy sure has changed, though, in these 9 short months of his life!! 

What's new: 
­čö╣Mimicking. Now when I make certain sounds he will repeat them back. So adorable!!
­čö╣Clucking. Anything with his tongue. Asa will do all sorts of noises with his mouth. Popping his tongue of the roof of his mouth is one of his favorites. Pressing his lips together to make a tooting sound. Or sticking his tongue out and blowing. 
­čö╣Fish face. A couple weeks ago I saw him do this. Cracked me up. Now he does it all the time. I need to try an get a good picture of it! I'm guessing its a teething thing. 
­čö╣4 teeth. We now have our top to teeth in. Might be more soon!
­čö╣Getting better at waving. 
­čö╣Drives his car (walker) like a champ. 

Most of the things now are just more advanced then last month. He's getting way better at getting in to things.  Like... Way faster!! 

We hung out with our cousins. 

And yes... I gave him the dorky hair cut. We keep it brushed to the side and it's cute!! (Plus, look how he's always sitting. Herkie style!) 

Fish face: 

We had a bottle calf for a couple weeks. Had to keep her warm while she regained her strength. Then Sage (our momma dog) kept her warm outside!! 


That's our month in a nut shell!! 

Eat your heart out ladies!!