Tuesday, May 29, 2012

feeding, fence fixin' & fantasizing!

Last week Bobby and I went and fed cows. We have a couple new babies, so only 2 left to calve. We have been blessed with some rain (about 5 inches) so the pastures are perking up and we just had the most pleasant drive. Not only did we enjoy it, but the dogs did, too!

You can tell the cows love to see us. They stirred up the dust a bit running toward us!

 Sage is getting so big. Her foot is already bigger then Junior's

coming to feed

Some of our hands

This is a little turtle that was scooting right along!

The dogs enjoying the time away from the house.

You can tell they don't have much to eat! Ha..jk... they are so fat!
Junior looking so regal!

I got to ride in the back with the dogs, too!

We had a couple pairs out on one place, so we went over on Sunday, found out where they were getting out and fixed the fence. It was such a fun outing. We pulled the jeep, Nelly Belle, over there and drove the fence lines. I packed a lunch and we ate sandwiches, avocados and chips! It was wonderful. The dogs had a fun time riding around in the jeep, even if Junior did think that I stole his seat up front! We ended it by the water trough letting the dogs run around in the mud and water and smell all the smells the could. There was a little tree right by the water so we sat there and dreamed about what we would like to do. It was such a refreshing day.

Hope everyone has a blessed week!



The past few weeks have been busy. With what? I don't know, but I haven't seemed to get around to blog. I did get some pictures!

A couple weeks ago the cabinets were put in our new house. They are so wonderful! I love them. On top of that the floors are all grouted (except the master bath). I do apologize that I don't have all the updated pictures, but every time I've been there since it was done it was dark or I didn't have my camera...

Great Room Floor

Master Shower

Master Sink

Guest Bath
Island in kitchen... excuse the mess!


Since these pictures, the floor is done in the kitchen and guest bath. The master bath has the rock layed down, but it is not grouted yet. It looks amazing! I will try to get pictures of that up soon!

Also, since these pictures we have got appliances. They are not in place yet (just in boxes). We have to seal the floor before we put them in.

I can see the end in sight. We just have to get past planting season and then maybe we can get it finished!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Western Heritage

The Western Heritage Classic is a tradition with Bobby and I now. We have been every year since we've been married. We had gone before we got married with our families, but since we've been married it has just made it our tradition. We save up money every year for this very event.
Some people go to watch the rodeo, the horse sale and the matched races, but it is mainly about the shopping for us. I like to look and the jewelry and clothes, but Bobby is all about the spurs, tack, saddles, knives and (and did I mention spurs?). He likes getting ideas and things he can use. This year he bought some silver sotter and the stuff to go with so he can finish the spurs he's making.

In normal fashion, I didn't many pictures, but I did get a couple.

Grand Entry

Grand Entry with all teams!
 I get too distracted during the rodeo to take any during the events. I'll try to get a pic next year!
Plus, a picture of Bobby and I. I never get any of those.

Have a blessed Tuesday!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

We had a wonderful weekend out here in the cotton patch!

Got to see our brand new babies. So cute!

Well, the further-est one back is the new one. The other is several weeks old.

Sunday, Bobby went back to bed after watching the news (I think he needed the rest), so we didn't make it to church. We instead started our spring cleaning!
We hauled 2 pickup loads of junk to the dump! Junior keep running around, freaking out like, "You guys are throwing all my treasures away!" he obviously spends too much time with his granddad.... who is a hoarder!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Bobby and I have spent 2 different weekends cleaning out his old room at home. His mother wanted me to make it look more "grown-up", so first step... throw away a bunch! I finally got some stuff done when his mother wasn't there watching what I was throwing away... And furthermore, I threw some stuff away while Bobby wasn't looking! Bobby is becoming more like me though. He told me yesterday that he has started enjoying throwing things away! I knew I wasn't that weird! The progress on the room is great. We got everything in place... all we need now is new curtains. I'm just going to buy some fabric, make them, and get my handy husband to make me some hooks! I didn't change it much, just tidied it up a bit.

Feels so good to have all that gone and done with!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My dinner date!

I just wanted to share a picture I took of my cute husband as he came home last night!

He always picks sage up and carries her from his truck to the house. He says he'll be carrying a 60 pound dog to the door someday! Ha! He loves her! He took his gun to work cause he was moving some irrigation pipe and needed insurance in case he saw a snake. (He said he didn't see any snakes, but a plant died. Boys just can't help it!) I've also been packing his lunch and snacks in one of my cute, "girlie" 31 thermals. I just had to get the picture with the gun, dog and bag!

I also baked another cherry pie he has been begging for since I made the last one (only 2 weeks ago).