Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Western Heritage

The Western Heritage Classic is a tradition with Bobby and I now. We have been every year since we've been married. We had gone before we got married with our families, but since we've been married it has just made it our tradition. We save up money every year for this very event.
Some people go to watch the rodeo, the horse sale and the matched races, but it is mainly about the shopping for us. I like to look and the jewelry and clothes, but Bobby is all about the spurs, tack, saddles, knives and (and did I mention spurs?). He likes getting ideas and things he can use. This year he bought some silver sotter and the stuff to go with so he can finish the spurs he's making.

In normal fashion, I didn't many pictures, but I did get a couple.

Grand Entry

Grand Entry with all teams!
 I get too distracted during the rodeo to take any during the events. I'll try to get a pic next year!
Plus, a picture of Bobby and I. I never get any of those.

Have a blessed Tuesday!


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