Tuesday, May 29, 2012

feeding, fence fixin' & fantasizing!

Last week Bobby and I went and fed cows. We have a couple new babies, so only 2 left to calve. We have been blessed with some rain (about 5 inches) so the pastures are perking up and we just had the most pleasant drive. Not only did we enjoy it, but the dogs did, too!

You can tell the cows love to see us. They stirred up the dust a bit running toward us!

 Sage is getting so big. Her foot is already bigger then Junior's

coming to feed

Some of our hands

This is a little turtle that was scooting right along!

The dogs enjoying the time away from the house.

You can tell they don't have much to eat! Ha..jk... they are so fat!
Junior looking so regal!

I got to ride in the back with the dogs, too!

We had a couple pairs out on one place, so we went over on Sunday, found out where they were getting out and fixed the fence. It was such a fun outing. We pulled the jeep, Nelly Belle, over there and drove the fence lines. I packed a lunch and we ate sandwiches, avocados and chips! It was wonderful. The dogs had a fun time riding around in the jeep, even if Junior did think that I stole his seat up front! We ended it by the water trough letting the dogs run around in the mud and water and smell all the smells the could. There was a little tree right by the water so we sat there and dreamed about what we would like to do. It was such a refreshing day.

Hope everyone has a blessed week!


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