Tuesday, June 12, 2012

West Texas Storms

I just love to hear the thunder roll and see a big ole thunder head build up. It is one of my most favorite things. Especially if it comes with a good soaking rain.
Bobby and I got home from working on the house (progress pictures to come!) and I whipped up a quick meal, we finished watching the Bachelorette and then headed out side. It was such a beautiful evening. Going from 105* to somewhere in the 70's is amazing. I just had to get out and enjoy it. And much to our surprise, there was a light show going on. So, we brought out the chairs and camera and enjoyed the scenery. We did get a light shower, but it kinda moved out to the south of us! There is chance of this all week!!! Bring on the rain!

Now that's living... Out here in the cotton patch!


  1. sounds glorious! I love rain too :)

  2. Great clouds!!!! WE got a light shower (o.15") last night - hoping for more!! We were 102 - so almost as hot as you!!

    Love ya,


  3. Love your pictures, Bobby watches the Bachelorette?? Gonna have to use that in my case to Justin!

  4. I have been loving our weather lately! I should take some pictures of it too! We sit out on the front porch and watch it. I am with Erin, shocking that Bobby watches the Bachelorette. I barely get Caleb to watch America's Got Talent.