Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All the live-long day!

I don't know why, but I started singing I've been working on the railroad... All the live long day! I feel like this is how building a house is. Work work work! I'm not sure if it will ever get done, but here is what we have got done.

The shower in the Master Bath

Master Tub

Guest Shower

Mud Room Potty
Finally in!

Mudroom Closet door

Pantry Floor
Bobby finished the tiling on the big shower yesterday. All the showers still have to be grouted. One toilet in! Only 2 more to go! We got 4 doors in, only 9 to go!! Ha! The pantry floor is almost finished, just needs a piece ripped and then the transition. Other then that and carpet, trim, counter tops, sinks, oven, dishwasher, microwave... we're good to go!
The great part is that Bobby will be planting tomorrow, off to Oklahoma on Sunday for a week+ then maybe by the end of July we will be in. Ugh! Oh well!

Sorry for 2 posts in one day. I just finally got it all together!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!
Praise God for the rain... and the promise of rain!!!


  1. I'm loving how your bathroom is looking! Your husband did a great job with the tile work.

  2. Loving the tile!!! You should be used to "slow" building!! Hope you are in your house soon. We really need to come see it - hope to soon!

    Love ya,


  3. You really need to get rid of the verification work thing at the end of the post a comment - I can't read it!!!

    Love ya,


  4. Okay, so I can read it, but it is annoying me today!!


  5. Wow That looks so good! I love the tile work in the bathrooms!!!