Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Bread and Butter

The time has come for some of our youngsters to be taken off their moms and go to greener pastures. We had some January babies that have got to go. The Lord was with us and we were able to gather them and sort them with no problems! Praise the Lord! (Recently they have been scattered and don't want to come up very easily). Here are some pictures of our afternoon!

 We have just a bunch of pets, so they follow the feed wagon all the way to the pens. Even the little babies made the trip! You can tell we have had some rain! The mud puddles are so nice to see. And you can kind of tell it's brewing up a storm in the distance!

 The big bull that thinks he's something else with all these women!

This is our first calf heifer! Her name is 65! Ha, that's a good one, HUH! She is such a good momma and has the cutest little baby! Below is her baby! Quite a pair!

 This is out newest baby!

One of the old bunch. You can call him butter!

 I know that not everyone will get as much enjoyment out of my cows as I do, but I love it. I don't look at this as work, it's more of our hobby that makes us money! I can't wait until we can do this as a job and not have to have other jobs!

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  1. That second to last picture is so sweet :)
    The name "Butter" fits that cow perfectly.