Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend!

What a weekend. Sometimes you just need to get away and go relax. We went to my parents this weekend to spend Father's Day with my daddy! We had a great time. We played games, ate good, took a big hike up the mountain, worked and visited.

Me and my daddy!

My parents place from the top of the mountain

The dogs running around

cooling off after running around and then swimming in the trough
played bananas!


learned to blow mom's training whistle! Not as easy as it looks

mom's border collie, Bess

my favorite chore gathering eggs!

guarding her one egg of the day!

Sonya, the guard dog!

Isabelle, the milk cow!
Bobby and I after climbing up the mountain!
We left Brady and headed back home. Bobby was supposed to leave this morning for Oklahoma to go plow. Long story short, plans changed! So, in the midst of all the plans changes, Carl (Dennis' business partner on the Oklahoma farming and cousin) needed to go fill his plane up with fuel. He said, "You want to go with?" Of course. I've wanted to go up in his plane for 2 years now! Of course, I didn't have my camera, so I don't have any pictures. I could have got some really cool shots! We just flew around St. Lawrence and over where our cows are. It was cool and a thrill, but I was sure glad to get back on the ground. I was getting a little nauseous. Maybe next time it will be a bit cooler and not as rough.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend and let their dad know how much they love them!


  1. Great pictures!!! We had soooo much fun with ya'll this weekend! Glad you could come! I'm jealous! I want to fly around in a little plane!!

    Love ya,


  2. Fun weekend Mandie.
    It's so fun for me to see new pictures of you. I really didn't know what you looked like until now...I love the wedding pics!