Monday, December 8, 2014

6 Months.

Even though he is 6 1/2 months now! 

At 6 months I can sit up by myself, crawl and pull up. I weigh over 20 1/2 pounds and am 28"+ tall! I'm growing with the best of them... Oh, and I barely cry for shots. I'm a big boy!! 

Where does the time go? I've been a stay at home mom now for a half year! I knew time flew by the older you get, but once you have kids it goes by even faster. I'm learning that first hand. 

We celebrated Asa's first thanksgiving just after he turned 6 months old. That was pretty good minus mom (the hub of our family) getting the stomach bug the day of!! We all still cooked the meal and it still tasted good, but if it at wasn't the same. It was fun for Asa to hang out with his cousins. (Even though I have a feeling next year will be more fun!) 

Cousin Tygh

Counsin Gracen

Asa has been crawling since about 5 1/2 months. He still takes it pretty slow... or gets distracted by things along his path, but we're not rushing it!! It's going by so fast anyways! 

And we're mommy's big helper! 

We took some family photos...

And photos by our self...

Life is grand!!! 

I thank God everyday for this little/big blessing in our life!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Five Months.

I know I don't post here much anymore... I'm trying to at least do his monthly update!! But I do have m hands full now!! I'm loving being a mom. He is so much fun!! Time sure flies and I'm trying to enjoy and soak up each stage. 

Asa now can roll from his back to tummy! A big accomplishment since he hates being stuck on his back!! He laughs when he thinks things are funny, too! He has the best giggle ever! Such a fun noise!! 

My little chunk weighs 20 pounds (ish) and is 27 1/2 inches long! 

He loved the puppies...

Enjoyed some reading... 

Did a little driving...

An helped feed cattle...

Took some naps.... While hanging...

And bounced...

And we can't forget, played with our tractors...

Here's to many more fun filled months!! 

(I tried to publish this three days ago! Sorry it's just now up!)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Four Months.

When I was younger you would hear older people say how fast time goes. I remember thinking, "Yea, I guess!" But now that I'm 'older' I'm realizing how fast time really does fly. 

My sweet little boy is 4 months old already. We are so blessed to be his parents! He's such a joy!

Asa is playing more and more now! He can roll from tummy to back (not quite from back to tummy), he giggles when you get his sweet spot or he just thinks your funny, grabs for his toys, grabs hair (he likes daddy's beard and arm hair!) and smiles and talks all the time!!

Went to the doctor for our 4 month check up. He now weighs 18 pounds 10 ounces and is 26 inches long. He's like a 6 month old baby! 

I enjoy seeing his growth compared to his basket and bear. It's harder to capture his attention long enough for great pictures, but bears need loving too!! 

Love you Asa Barret more and more!! 


The first couple weeks of the month Asa and I went to Oklahoma with Bobby. Bobby has been going to Oklahoma to farm wheat for 5+ years. Since I'm a stay at home mom now I was able to go for the two weeks! We had such a good time, mainly cause we got to see daddy everyday.

We had our own little house 

And Asa and I got to go on walks! 

Got to see some beautiful ponds. 

And met up with daddy along the way! 

Had beautiful views for 360 degrees. 

Got to go to Copper's Canyon!

And of course did a little playing!

It was a fun get away, but we were glad to come home!! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Three Months.

Well if I'm on here then you know something instrumental has happened. 

Yes. My little man is 3 months old now. I think I say this all the time, but time seems to really be flying and on the other hand seems like I've been a mom for a long time. Anyone else like that? 

This has been the best three months! It just keeps getting better and better by his guy is so fun! I even find myself (even Bobby) ready to get up in the morning to see him. Rocking him is so sweet! Just can't get over his laughs and smiles! 

Isn't he the best?? 

And a little growth comparison!! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Dozen Babies.

Life just happens sometimes. It doesn't go as planned but you just roll with the punches. This summer has been one of those non planning times. 

Starting with a son, we just roll with it. I like to have plans, but sometimes those plans have to be readjusted. Asa does so good and just goes where we go. We just have to plan accordingly. Like make sure you have the diaper bag... loaded with diapers, wipes, change or clothes, burp clothes.... 

Another unplanned event this summer was more babies. I had 9 months to plan for the one we've been trying for, but didn't really want any more. Now we have 11 more join the gang this morning! Sage, our black Catahoula, is now the proud momma or 11 little pups. 

She had been digging a cavern under the Yanmar (our little tractor we now the lawn with!), but I didn't anticipate them until the end of the month. 

I guess she knew that was a bad time for us so she went ahead and had them! Praise The Lord. One less thing to plan around!! 

I got the pups and Sage moved to the dog house. Hopefully she won't smother them now!! 

That's the news around here! Just enjoying the scattered showers and babies!! 

Two Months.

Our little boy is getting big. 

Now he is 14 pounds 12 ounces and 24 1/2 inches tall! 

Time flies!! And boys grow like weeds!! 

Here's to your 3rd month Mr. Asa! 

(Sorry this didn't get posted. Only a couple weeks late!)