Friday, March 7, 2014

Shower #1.

One shower down... three to go!

I am overwhelmed by all these sweet ladies wanting to shower us with gifts and love as we get ready to bring this little baby into the world!

We had our first of many showers in Lampasas County this past weekend {where Bobby is from}. Some sweet ladies from the church his parents go to threw it together and it was such a wonderful party.

We had a fabulous cake! I could have eaten the entire thing!

One of the hostess' made this quilt for me! I love it! And love that it has his name embroidered on it! Perfect for our little cowboy!

 They had cute decorations up!

See the loot! I was overwhelmed by the stack of presents to unwrap. Thankfully I had a 5 year old nephew to help bring me gifts and rip them open for me!

My sweet mom made the shower. And a sweet cousin, Erin! Love those ladies!

My mom is the bomb as well. She, S-I-L Lyn, Erin and a few others I'm sure, consolidated all the gifts into a big tub I brought and loaded it all in the car before I knew it! Such a blessing to have them do that for me!

I loved getting home on Sunday and going back through all the loot and looking at the cute little outfits and blankets we received! This little Asa is loved so much already!

I didn't take a bump picture with my chalkboard this week... WEEK 29!!... but I took a pic the day of the shower. I was just one day shy of 29 weeks.

No denying the bump now!

We also got to meet our sweet niece, Piper, on Sunday! {Well, I actually met her Saturday, but didn't get to hold her!} With the distance and everything that happened with her early arrival, we didn't get to give her her gifts yet. We bought her some crocheted cowboy boots with big spur rowels, just like her daddy!

She is just the most precious thing! Bobby just giggled when he held her! And he says he only wants boys... he would be absolutely wrapped around a little girls finger!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. All that loot and you still have three showers to go :) So much fun!!!
    Little Piper is darling!