Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Off the grid.

I know I have been MIA for days 22-26 (27 including today). I am going to try and sum them up all in one. One reason I have been "off the grid" is due to the fact that we've had NO POWER! Yep! For 4 days now we have been with out electricity.
Friday (Day 22) we were out of power for a couple of hours, but it came back on quickly. That day was rainy and cold, but once the power came back on I got out stuff to make homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and enjoyed the evening by the fire {a propane fire, but it gives the same feel!}.

I am thankful for electricity!

Saturday (Day 23) we woke up to white on the ground. No, it was not snow, but ice! These past 4 days have blurred together, but we still had power that day. We went and fed cows, enjoyed {except for the teams I was going for really sucked it up!} some football and simply just hanging out on a cold wintery day! One blip of power, but had power most of the day.

I am thankful for wintery days! {We don't see them too often around here. It's mainly just cold and windy!}

Sunday (Day 24) we woke to no power! I was planning on doing all this stuff around the house with the cold front, like baking Christmas cookies and sewing on some projects, but things changed. We had to scramble a little trying to find stuff to sustain life. This prego lady can't live too long with out a bite to eat. We got a camp stove going and got some grub cooking. It has been like camping {in your own bed} with candle light and kerosene lanterns and camp stoves. It's been a fun adventure. It is good to know that we can make it with out electricity!
Best of all, we got some good moisture!

I am thankful for rain!!

Monday (Day 25). Still no power. We took cows hay and made homemade donuts! Just enjoyed a day full of cabin fever! After 2 days already of being in the house, we had some cabin fever. Driving around helped a little!

This is just a pole that wasn't down. I heard there was over 1000 poles down!

The cows made the crunching sound on the ice! It was so cool to hear!

Homemade donuts!

There was an inch of ice on everything.

When you don't have power, you beat the socks off your husband in checkers!
I am thankful for being able to "rough" it for a while! Time with no distractions!

Tuesday (Day 26). Everything is melting! Still no power. Got a generator hooked up to the freezer and fridge! And watched a little TV!
My sister had a birthday!! Happy Birthday Mikkie!

I am thankful to have such a wonderful sister who is not only family, but a great friend!!

Wednesday (Day 27). I am thankful to be back at work today and to be headed home for Thanksgiving after work! So ready for some good mommas cooking and time with family!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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