Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful November. Day 10-12!

Day #10.
I am thankful for my second trimester.
Even though I have been super bless with no morning sickness, it still seems like a milestone to hit the second trimester. It kinda feels like time is flying by and I haven't done anything to prepare! I know that I still have 6 months and I'm not worrying about it at all!
I think I'm going to start weekly chalkboards. Maybe not weekly, but every couple of weeks or so! This is a big one, so I did a lil' mac {as my sister has dubbed the little gummy bear} update!

Day #11.
I am thankful for our Veteran's.
Today, being Veteran's Day and all, I want to be extremely thankful for all they have done for our future. They have unselfishly fought for our country for generations with honor! We have the freedoms we have in our country because of these brave men and women. I am forever thankful!

Day #12.
I am thankful for creativeness.
I think that this is also something that I take for granted. I have always loved doing crafts and projects. Anything from sewing to woodworking and everything in between. Since that was the way I was raised and have always done this, I didn't think that it was that uncommon. I have such a talented mother and so I was always trying to live up to her, not realizing how high I had set my heights, but also not knowing that it wasn't that common. I am very thankful God gave me a creative mind and the abilities to "craft" and build things. I love it!

Have a great week!


  1. So cute! I will look forward to your darling chalkboard updates :)
    And Amen to being grateful for creativity!

  2. Catching up!!! Being gone for two days and put a dent in the time!!!

    Brought tears to my eyes! What wonderful things for which to be thankful!!

    LOVE ya! Hugs to Bobby and Baby Mac!