Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful November. Day 20 & 21.

Day #20.
I am thankful for friends.
I have one particular friend that I am so thankful for today! And it is her birthday!! She means the world to me and even though we live many miles apart, space can't separate our connection. She is a wonderful woman of faith a challenges me in my walk with the Lord! She is funny, out going and you just never know what might pop out of her mouth! She is a blessing!
I love you Jessie Pope!

Day #21.
I am thankful for energy!
I think that second trimester has set in! I'm feeling better already and I have renewed energy! It is so nice to to have to prop my eyes open all day. I wasn't that sleepy before, but so tired and exhausted with no motivation to do anything. Now I am having more energy to get the things done that I need done!!

Happy Thursday!


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