Thursday, October 10, 2013

Warrenton Trip 2013

In normal fashion, I'm late on getting around to post this. It has been a whirlwind of craziness... which I will share more about later!

Here are a few of my finds this year. It's sad to say, but I petered out a lot quicker this year then normal. Our group was a bit slower, too. My sister was on her first few days of being able to put weight on her healing ankle and we had miss Gracen, too. But the hard part for me was the heat. It was 100% humidity and in the 90's. I'm a West Texas girl who cannot handle the humidity. But we perused and then went back Sunday morning (it was rainy and much nicer) and finished up our purchases and headed back.

Now I normally take "my stash", which is money I've saved up, to spend on our girls weekend. That being said I normally just buy things for me. Well, this year I wanted to get the sweet hubs something and I found just the thing!

I'm not sure if I have told you guys about my husbands awesome skills, but he has made us a chuck box. He loves history and wanted a version similar to what was used in old chuck wagons. It is a bit smaller, it was made for his Willys Jeep trailer, but it turned out really nice. Anyways... I found this old coffee grinder. It is a wall mount grinder that is an original one used back when. You can tell that there is lots of wear and tear on it. I was so excited to find it. It was a last minute stop on the way out and I'm so glad my mom spotted it!
I also got him a t-shirt from Buc-ees on the way out that says, "Come and Take It" with the canon on it! He loves it!!

Other things:
 Just some metal flowers. I should have picked some up on Saturday, because they were picked through by Sunday, but I still like what I got!

 New Scale. Yes, I got one last year, but it was not rusty enough for me. So I found this one and will be selling my yellow one at Petticoats.

 I was calling this a decanter, but my mom will have to tell you the real name. Apparently a decanter is for liquor. This is for vinaigrette's and pepper sauce. That is why I got it!

 Just some cool metal letters. I'm loving this. I got it to use in our booth, but not sure what I will do with it afterwards. But hey... it's cool! They also have tons of just letters by themselves that are just metal rusty looking. I loved them, but didn't know what to do with them, so I held out. I should have broke down and got some. Oh well! They were everywhere, though. I should be able to find some easily if I want some.

 Basket to use at the booth!

And a aluminum cake saver. Been needing one and I love this!!

Other then that, I just got me some clothes.

That is about the extent of our trip. We had a good time, enjoyed each others company and shopped till we dropped!
There are a t-shirt I saw that said, "What happens in Warrenton stays with the girls!" It was $40 or I would have gotten it. So, with that being said, I guess I can't say much else!!

Till next year Warrenton!!


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  1. How fun! It's always fun to see what you get :)
    I love those metal cool!