Thursday, October 24, 2013

Petticoats on the Prairie.

So, a little late, but as promised, I bring you some pictures of our booth this past weekend. We had a great time, met some good people, had a great learning experience and made a bit of money. All in all... it was fun!!

Of course, not ever doing such a big set up, I (we) were a bit nervous. I had picked up all my sisters big stuff {she lives 2 hours away} the weekend before. Thursday, morning early before work,  I finished loading the trailer with all my stuff, with the help of my darling husband. I worked until noon on Thursday then took the rest of the weekend off. Set up was on Thursday and we were supposed to be open for business Friday morning. So, being by myself, I did the best I can. After a couple hours I had this...

This was the big stuff. I had set up the doors, work bench, curtain, sign and rug. Now I just have to get things put in it!!

 The sign for our booth. We are TEXAS COTTON TALES!!

 There is my lovely sister and one half of our booth

 the other half

 You can see her baby swings hanging from the ceiling!

After my sister got there on Friday morning... that is what it looked like. She brought her swings and we arranged everything how we wanted it. We didn't want to leave the quilts and such out over night, so we finished setting up just in time for shoppers!!

This was our first sell. My scrap pumpkins I made. I guess I should have made more!!

There was a lady that had to back out of her spot at the last second, so along our row out in the steer barn (we were set up at the Fairgrounds), we had an empty spot. Several of my booth neighbors said I should ask the lady if I could put my extra stuff in there, (we had several pieces of furniture that wouldn't fit in our original booth), weird since I had been dreaming of that same thing all night. The lady said she didn't want any empty booths so she would love it if we would fill that spot. YAY!! We went and got the rest of our things and put them in that spot!!

There is not a whole lot to this, but it was wonderful to have extra space to set up our junk!!

We have a first venture under our belt. Now on to the next. We will have to wait and see what that will be. The spring Petticoats is in Ballinger, TX in April. I will be 8+ months prego so we will see if I'm up to that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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  1. Your booth looks darling! I'm so glad you had a good experience. Way to go Mandie! I bet it feels great to have accomplished this :)