Monday, July 23, 2012

Nephews and Nieces

This weekend Bobby's sister and her family came and visited us! They made a big weekend of it so that Alan (B-I-L) could help Bobby with the trim on the house. That is what we mostly did Friday evening and Saturday. Worked on the house. It is coming along so good! As of last night, most all the oak trim was in. That just leaves the bedrooms and laundry room. The bedrooms have to wait on carpet, but that shouldn't be too long!
 (This is just a sneak peak on what the trim looks like. I'll put more on later)

We got to sleep in on Sunday and then, after breakfast, we went to feed cows. Jaxson had such a good time seeing the cows and riding in Bobby's new "monster truck"! (He is into monster trucks right now)!

 This is Bobby's new rig. He loves it, even though it needs some work and TLC!
It is pretty loud, being a diesel, so I guess that's why Jaxson thought it was a monster truck!

 He decided that he wanted to take a second picture since he wasn't smiling in the first one. 
That's a big ole grin!

 My cute cowboy and cowdog!

Jaxson is telling us all about it!

Sunday night Misty cooked supper for us! She wouldn't let me do a thing! (It was nice)!Then after supper we had birthday cake. Jaxson was so patient. He had been waiting since Friday to eat my birthday cake. He would keep saying, "I want some cake", "Can I have some cake?", "I can't wait to celebrate your birthday and eat your cake!"... we had a big time with him! He is growing up so fast!

You can even see where is got his finger in the icing! It's hard being patient!

We had a long, busy, exhausting and wonderful weekend!


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  1. Well Happy Birthday Mandie!
    You did great with taking pictures this time :)
    Loved all of them!