Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trim is In!!

As promised... I got some pictures of the trim.

I only got a few, but it shows how good the oak trim looks. We are getting ready to move within the next month and I want to save some stuff for the "BIG REVEAL", but I kind of got to tease a little. I'm getting anxious and excited about how close we are getting!!! A big thanks goes to Bobby's sister, Misty, and her husband, Alan, for helping with the house over the weekend. We got so much accomplished in a short amount of time!

As of this afternoon:
All oak trim is done!!! (Hallelujah!!)
Bobby has started on white trim
Carpet is being ordered
And countertops should come in this week.

That is all the last of the big projects... minus sealing the floor! Ugh...

White trim is going in the bedrooms, closets and laundry room. We are waiting on the carpet to be put in before the bedroom trim, and Bobby is working on the laundry room right now!

And without further adieu...

 Master Bath

 Guest Bath

 Guest Bath

Hall to Guest End

Since last update: All the doors are in, faucets in showers, the rest of the electrical (which was lights in bathrooms and floor plug!), toilets, stove and microwave... to name a few!

If things keep rockin-n-rollin, it won't be long!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Nephews and Nieces

This weekend Bobby's sister and her family came and visited us! They made a big weekend of it so that Alan (B-I-L) could help Bobby with the trim on the house. That is what we mostly did Friday evening and Saturday. Worked on the house. It is coming along so good! As of last night, most all the oak trim was in. That just leaves the bedrooms and laundry room. The bedrooms have to wait on carpet, but that shouldn't be too long!
 (This is just a sneak peak on what the trim looks like. I'll put more on later)

We got to sleep in on Sunday and then, after breakfast, we went to feed cows. Jaxson had such a good time seeing the cows and riding in Bobby's new "monster truck"! (He is into monster trucks right now)!

 This is Bobby's new rig. He loves it, even though it needs some work and TLC!
It is pretty loud, being a diesel, so I guess that's why Jaxson thought it was a monster truck!

 He decided that he wanted to take a second picture since he wasn't smiling in the first one. 
That's a big ole grin!

 My cute cowboy and cowdog!

Jaxson is telling us all about it!

Sunday night Misty cooked supper for us! She wouldn't let me do a thing! (It was nice)!Then after supper we had birthday cake. Jaxson was so patient. He had been waiting since Friday to eat my birthday cake. He would keep saying, "I want some cake", "Can I have some cake?", "I can't wait to celebrate your birthday and eat your cake!"... we had a big time with him! He is growing up so fast!

You can even see where is got his finger in the icing! It's hard being patient!

We had a long, busy, exhausting and wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shadow Boxes

A few weeks back I said I was going to put pictures of the shadow boxes on here. And, it's taken until today to get that done!

This was Bobby's Great Grandma's knife and watch, I believe. I could be wrong on the watch part, but they are an heirloom of some sort. I think that Bobby did such a good job of arranging all these shadow boxes, right?!!

These are some of the arrow heads Bobby and I have found (mainly Bobby). This is his favorite and he actually arranged and glued them on himself. It was so cute seeing him on the floor using my hot glue gun.

Bobby's granddad was in the Air Force and his great granddad was in the Navy in WWI and a CB in the Pacific in WWII. This is a compilation of their metals and such. The dog tags were Granddad's and most everything else is Granddaddy Mac's. We love having them on display!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July! July!

I have been slacking the past couple of weeks.. or maybe just busy! Bobby came home from plowing in Oklahoma, was here 4 days the off we go for a week. I kinda call it a vacation, but really more just like time off. We went to Lampasas County for most of that week. While there we mainly just hung out, got ready for the picnic, went on walks (just me, not us) and visited some friends and family. It was a pretty relaxing time, but we were definitely ready to come home. On the way home we stopped and visited my 96 year old Grandma and stayed with my parents for a night. It was good to see everyone. I'm definitely adjusted to the dryer climate of West Texas. It was so stinking humid and hot down there. Ugh...

In normal fashion I didn't take many pictures. I need to get better about pictures cause I love looking at pictures on the blogs I read. I went for a walk to the creek one morning and met the horses on the way. The dogs had already gotten a drink and swam a bit by the time I caught up to them. It was such a gorgeous morning and the horses all walked down where they could get a drink. See, the creek is dammed up so the upper half is the swimming hole and then it (sometimes) overflows and fills the bottom. I was sitting up on the dam part, resting and watching the dogs, while all the horses made their way down to get a drink. It was so pretty and peaceful. I was kicking myself for not having my camera. It would have been the coolest picture with all the horses down at the water! Even though they had not had enough rain to make the water run over, it was still nice and pretty down there. I will have to get pictures so you can experience it, too! (Well, sorta experience it).

This was the only shot I got on our "vacation". My nephew and Bobby playing sward fight. He means business. Also, he is potty training, so he runs around in just his underwear! He will just melt your heart. And he loves his uncles!

We got home on that Sunday night and got word Bobby had to go to Mississippi to help his boss. So, we left out at 4:00 a.m., Tuesday morning for Mississippi. They made good time and got there for supper and even loaded a couple things. Bobby's boss, Dennis, was helping his mother-in-law move from there to Denton, TX. So, Bobby got to go along to do the heaving lifting. He had a great time, though. They made it home Friday evening around 4. It's good to be home with my hubby!

We then got up and drove to Alpine. We have been borrowing a trailer from a friend there and he needed it, so we took it to them and visited for the day. They were leaving early the next morning, so we didn't stay long. I got to hang out with their sweet daughter. Madeline is going to be 2 next month and is the smartest little girl I know. I told me her ABC's, colors, she can count to 20 in English and Spanish and knows 3 memory verses. I was totally impressed. She loves me, too. She said so herself. Man those big blue eyes melt my heart, just imagine what they do to her daddy. He is smitten!

 I mean come-on... who could resist those eyes. She got a Popsicle and kept saying, "This is good. This is good!" And she would say, "That'll be fun!" when her momma told her what we would do! She came out of her room from what was supposed to be a nap and I asked her if she had a good nap. She said, "Yes. I played!" Okay! I'm done oozing over her! She's just too cute!

Bobby's Alma Mater! Such a pretty campus!

We left their house and went and ate at Reata! It was wonderful. We shared the bread pudding dessert. It was to die for. YUMMO!

Sunday was wonderful. We kinda slept in from getting in so late and just chilled. I made some omelets and we watched North To Alaska (John Wayne). It's a good'n! And we got the lawn mowed and the puppies a bath! All in all a good day with a couple more movies since I apparently ran over the TV cable with the lawn mower. Oops! No more TV! I guess I'll have to get on fixin' that!

Then back to the daily grind Monday! It's going to be a good week. Getting ready for our company this weekend!



Just a growth update on my sweet, little, mess of a dog!

2 1/2 months

6 1/2 months
Shows that a few months can make a big difference!