Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Projects, Weekend and my little love Gracen!

I'm doing some catch up on here. I haven't blogged in a while. Mainly because I have nothing exciting to share, plus I'm just now getting my projects done.

I have had my lockers painted and in the laundry/ mud room for some time now, just never got around to taking pictures of them. I got these out of the old school, well, they redid the school last summer and they put in new lockers. They were tan on the outside and like a yucky green on the inside. I painted the inside a olivey green (which I don't have pictures of. The lockers are now full of junk that was laying around the mud room. At least now it is out of sight!!) And I painted the outside a pewter kinda grey. I love them. I love that Bobby can hide all his junk in them!!

The other project I've been working on is my wall clock. I got all the base put together weekend before last, painted it last week and put the clock parts on it and together. Then after this past weekend I got my numbers from my sis. I painted them, along with my hands, and put it together. Then my sweet husband (with much frustration involved) helped me hang it. I love it... and so does he. The frustration comes from trying to put the screws in the wall. He kept screwing it over another screw or something. The first screw broke off and then the other two tries it wouldn't go through... and needless to say he was about done with helping me. We are both thrilled with how it turned out! I don't have pictures of the process, but I found the tutorial on this site. I did mine very similar to what she did. I just used left over grey paint instead of blue. My clock measures 32"ish diameter.

Slowly but surely I am getting this on my walls. I've been waiting for just the right pieces.

Now this past weekend I went with my mom, sister and lil niece to Petticoats on the Prairie in Ballinger, TX. I think that they called it Whimsy at the Warehouse. It is like the POTP in Colorado City, TX, but with a different location. It was fun. We found a few good items we couldn't live without. My sister found a cool wooden high chair for Gracen for $20. Can't go wrong there!! And another chair for the garden for her to sit in while shes helping NeNe garden.

I found a couple of things. I found some lace shorts. They are shorts underneath and skirt looking on the top. I thought they were so cute, hopefully I will be brave enough to wear them!!

Here is all my goodies that I got...

A picture frame, flour sifter, old spool with lace and a couple of old doilies. The grape doily is for a friends birthday coming up... the rest is for me. And I also got another gift that is not pictured. Love my finds!!

The best part of the weekend was spending time with miss Gracen. Everytime we come she is up to something new. Not only is she smacking her lips this time, she is mobile!! She kinda inch worms around any where she wants. She is almost to a full crawl, but not quite. I'm sure she will be next time we go, along with pulling up on things. Now she just grunts when she wants to pull up.

Momma and me!!

Sweet thing and I after a morning of shopping!

Miss Gracen showing off at breakfast
Mikkie and I at POTP

What a fun weekend it was! It is already Wednesday. The week is flying by fast. I have my tough mudder race this weekend. I'm getting nervous, but I'm excited at the same time! Happy hump day everyone!



  1. Love the lockers,and the clock!!

  2. Favorites from this post:
    the lockers! They are awesome!
    your beautiful clock that I saw you had pinned but didn't realize it was yours until I saw this post :)
    your finds...particularly the frame and the multicolored flower doily!
    seeing the pictures of you and your mom!