Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Great Escape.

Well, Bobby and I got to escape west Texas for a nice long weekend at his parents. They have been getting some good rains and it is a green drive most of the way there. That is a nice change since the past couple have been so dry. Saturday morn I got up and went for a big ole long walk with the dogs. They had a blast (until I had to put Sage on a leash due to the fact she can't listen!!) running around chasing rabbits and birds and what not. Sage actually caught a jack rabbit. I was freaking out cause I thought it was a neighbors kid goats, but thankfully it wasn't a goat!!
Since it was perfect weather I had to take some pretty pictures. Thought I would share. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 

*** I decided to upload these to the computer and put them on. They were very grainy when I just loaded them from my phone. That being said, they are just phone pics! That's about all I take!