Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

Well I went with a theme on my tree this year. If you know me you know that I'm a very theme oriented person, so this shouldn't surprise you. I have 3 trees in my house this year, but hope to have one for every room eventually! Normally my excessive decorating would bother Bobby, but he's been a very excited elf this year and helped and told me he liked me decorations! A lady told me that once I have kids, themed trees will be out of the picture. Whether that is true or not, I wanted to enjoy a theme tree. I went with a "woodsie" theme. I love the little owls and the "rustic-ness" of it! I bought most everything, but do have some that I made!

I have a fun little story about these little ornaments. Back when Bobby was in high school he, his dad brother and their neighbors went to clean up the old family place down by Katy, TX. Bobby ripped down some old lumber that was in his great-granddad's old horse barn. Well, he got it with the intentions of making something out of that Cyprus lumber one day. After Bobby and I got married, he and my dad put a table top together out of that lumber. We found a guy with a saw mill and some big chunks of Cyprus. So now we have a dining room table out of that wood. You can find pictures on an old post! Well now Bobby and I are making a coffee table out of what we have left of the lumber. He had cut some corners off of some of the boards... thus making triangles. So I got this clever idea to make trees out of them! We just sliced them about an inch thick, drilled holes through the top and put wire through to hold them together and hang them with. I simply love how they turned out... Gets me a little giddy! And here are my little cuties!!


Made these cute little "homemade" clay ornaments!

Love my wooden acorns!

And naturally... a cotton boll!

pine cones!

Sweet ornament from my sister-in-law last year
Don't you just love the tree! I like it's fuzziness! and that it doesn't look like a fake tree as much!
Merry Christmas everyone!!



  1. Love your tree Mandie...and your triangle tree ornaments are darling. What a fun background story. I love things that have a history like that :)

  2. I love the little tree ones y'all made. Very cute!!! Love the whole tree too. Can't wait to see you Sunday!!