Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we have been in full gear getting ready. Well, I mainly have been in full gear, but Bobby has now gotten all his shopping done as well. I have seemed to have a hard time feeling like it is Christmas. I took all the appropriate steps.... Tree up and decorated, lights up outside, Christmas decorations scattered all through my house... but it still seems weird. It might be due to the warm weather we are having or the fact that the older you get the faster time flies and it couldn't possibly be December yet, but I think I decided that it has to do with it is only the first (second now) week of December and I've gotten my decorations up and most of my Christmas presents wrapped under the tree. We love this time of year, with the celebration of our Lord's birthday and giving gifts, Christmas music, cuddling, hot chocolate and mistletoe, so why not celebrate as long as you can. I always say, "It's my birthday month (or Bobby's)!", but this truly is Jesus' birthday month. Let's party!!
Today I woke up to a very chilly 23*. Sadly with no snow, but it is feeling a lot more like Christmas. I've been busily working like Santa's elves on getting all my gifts made/bought and wrapped under the tree so I can work on some Christmas related projects. Even though I still lack a few gifts being finished, I did get a couple things done.
Tree in Master Bedroom

Christmas Cookies

My John Deere Christmas Tree

You can't tell, but Santa's sleigh is John Deere!

My First Chalk-Art

Christmas Mantle

Christmas Tree at work

Someone is ready for Christmas!

Gingerbread house!
Loves taking Pictures

Christmas Card sneak peek!

Merry Christmas from the McIlroy's!


  1. I agree...I think every year it seems less and less like it's time to celebrate Christmas again. Why didn't it come this fast when we were kids!?! I love it too though, it just kind of sneaks up on me now :)
    I love your chalk art...I've been thinking about attempting that as well. I also think your new Christmas card pictures are darling!