Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm not exactly sure why, but ever since we moved into the new house I have the urge to decorate for EVERY season. I always did Christmas {of course} and did a little for fall, but other then letter blocks I haven't done much. Just regular ole decor. Well, now I make a point to decorate for all seasons. Maybe the cool ideas off of Pinterest or the fact of having a new house. I don't know. But here is my small tribute to Easter.

 A Pinterest inspiration!

My ever changing chalk board!

I've done a couple other things. I will share when I get pictures. May this Easter we remember the redemption we've received!



  1. so cute Mandie! I is really fun to decorate your own home...and pinterest does help a lot! :)

  2. Very cute! You need to come help my house because I really hate decorating for seasons.....not sure why! :o)