Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm not really sure where February went, but here we are with only 3 days left until March. I have finally recuperated from our trip to Seattle. Yes. That's right. Seattle, Washington. I'm still in shock that this trip actually happened. You see, my husband is a bit of a tight wad as well as a home body. When you combine these two, you NEVER go on vacation. Don't get me wrong, I'm frugal with my money and I love being home, but there is so much that I haven't seen and would love to see. With help from our aunt and uncle, I was able to convince Bobby to take a few days off {that's the other thing. He loves to work} and see something new {New for me that is, he went up there when he was in college}. Bobby's Uncle Ken and Aunt Nancy have a house in the Puget Sound area and are always inviting us to come and visit. I visited with Uncle Ken at Christmas about all the fun things there are to do up in Seattle and was convinced that we needed to go see it for ourselves. So I took matters into my own hands and started planning our trip. Well, I started planning when and left the rest to Aunt Nancy. She had a huge itinerary of things to do while we were there. They drove us all around the Puget Sound area.

Day 1: Downtown Seattle.
We arrived in Seattle on February 14 around 12:30 Washington time. As soon as we get our bags in the car we hit the trail to see all the sights. If I had to pick a favorite day this was it. It might seem strange to people who know me, but downtown Seattle was so much fun. It is a totally different culture then I'm used to. We went to Pike's Street first. {If you watch the Bachelor, Catherine took Sean to Pike's Street on her home town date}. There was an amazing fish market (plus some dull fish stands as well), fresh produce and fresh flowers everywhere (also would be fun in the summer when flowers are in season), crazy peddlers serenading us on the streets and a perfect view of The Sound, the Farris wheel, the docks, the aquarium and the football and baseballs stadiums.

the original Starbucks!

We then went to the Space Needle. Bobby had been up, but I wanted to just to say I had. From the top you can see from miles around. What a view. Nothing like you think on the from Sleepless in Seattle, though.

Next we went to the Locks at Ballard. This is where they keep the fresh water of Lake Union from the salt water of the Sound separate by using "locks" {if you will!} to let a ship/boat in then raising the water then in the next lock, then somehow it keeps the waters separate. Don't ask me how, cause I don't know! :) There is also a fish ladder where Salmon swim back to where they came from to get back to fresh water to die. {Again, don't ask me. I don't know!} It was cool except for the fact that they don't do that in February. We'll have to go back!

Lock coming in from the Sound

Seal locked in the lock!

Funky trees.

Lock going into Lake Union

Then we made our way around the fishing district and ended up at Fisherman's terminal. Another super cool place. We were hoping to see one of those famous fishing boats that are on Deadliest Catch and such... but we didn't. But there were a bunch of other big huge fishing boats docked as well as some sail boats, yachts for sale and one armed pirates living on their pirate ships. {JK. but he did only have one hand. The other was a hook}.

We then kinda just drove around and went to the house to eat gumbo! A fabulous first day!

Day 2: Port Townsend
I got up Friday morning and took a run. One which nearly killed me due to steep hills and then I found out that I'd only gone about a mile. How embarassing!
We then loaded up Granny and the dog {Little Buddy} and headed to Port Townsend. A 140 mile round trip! We got to see some beautiful country side and amazing architecture. This was Bobby's favorite part of the trip. We visited a couple shops and ate in a little spot overlooking the water. This was day one of Fish 'N Chips. Halibut! Then we went to Fort Morden and explored the old bunkers. It was neat to walk around and imagine them defending the Straight of Juan de Fuca in case any invaders made their way up there. And cold. That concrete is chilly combined with that wind off of the water.

You can tell where the gun used to go. Now that's a big gun!
Alexander's Castle
The Story behind Alexander's castle is sweet and sad. John B. Alexander was a rector at a church from 1882-1886. He bought some property in 1883 and built this home to be the home of him and his bride-to-be. After completing the house, he found out she had married another. The house later was purchased with the 10 acres it was on by the government and a fort was built around it in 1897. 

On the way home we stopped at a couple of antique shops. Don't mind if I do!

Day 3: Snoqualmie Falls, Snohomish, Deception Pass, Whidbey Island, Ferry to Edmonds...
We crammed a whole lot into day 3, but it was worth it. We got to see so many neat things. We headed east a little, across Lake Washington and Mercer Island {where Bill Gates has a house and Microsoft plants are on}to Snoqualmie Falls.

From there we followed the river {basically} up to Snohomish. It was raining by the time we got there so we nestled into a cute little {well, pretty big} antique shop. A good thing to do when it's rainy! I found several taxidermy peices that I wanted, but they wouldn't fit into my bag. :(  {Sorry little bear you can't come to Texas!} After we shopped till we about dropped in there, we ran across the street... because it's raining.. and grabbed us some hot java. Yummo! Then we headed to Deception Pass. We had packed a picnic, but since it isn't really picnic weather, we ate on the way. We made a short detour in La Conner then weaved our way through tulip fields {another reason to go back up. When there are acres of tulips!} to Deception Pass. It is blowing and cold by the time we get there, but we still braved the weather and went a little ways down the trail for a couple pics. We went back across the bridge {the pass has a bridge that we went over} to see it again and then we went to Rosario Beach. Again. This would have been way fun on a less breezy day. We took a couple pics and raced back to the car.
We were a tad bit silly!

Add caption

This shows you an idea of where we were and where we went back to Rosario Beach (pin)

These below are from Rosario Beach!

I didn't got down to the freezing beach. But I got to hide in this stump!

Ferry ride!

From the top of Whidbey Island {where Deception Pass is} we drove all the way down to the bottom. From about half way there, if we looked off to the West we could see where we were the previous day. Just across the Sound. Pretty cool! We got to the bottom of the island to catch the ferry to the other side. That was fun too. It was a weird feeling like your gliding across the water. Kinda like riding on a walking escalator. Once we got to the other side we met up with Becca (Bobby's cousin) and ate, once again, Fish 'N Chips! Gotta love 'em! That was a FULL day!

Day 4: Cabelo's!
I woke up Sunday morning and went for a run. Not only is it great to get such a beautiful view while running/walking, but I'm also training for a 5K and a tough mudder. Trying not to let vacation get the best of me I figured it was best I do a tad bid of exercise. I went somewhere around 4-4.5 miles, but it felt like 50. Went I go for a walk here in West Texas the only resistance I have is the wind. Not in Washington. I was either climbing up or crawling down. So it should count for more then 4 miles... right?? Non the less I at least got where I wanted to go before calling in backup. I saw a beach on the map and decided I wanted to go. Once I got half way there I battled with my mind if I really wanted to see the beach or not. Well, I made it to the beach! It was very peaceful and I don't regret going all that way. And I made almost half way back before my ride caught up with me!
A view of the steep incline!

What it was all worth!
I got home, ate some pancakes and got ready to go to Cabela's. That is by far Bobby's favorite store. Even though we've been to several different ones he still had the best time and went on and on about it! And Granny thinks it is CabelO's... gotta give her a hard time.
We got some goodies and then went and ate at The Ram. I ventured off a bit, but Bobby stuck with his... you guessed it!... Fish 'N Chips. This time it was haddock.

Day 5: Car Museum
We met back up with Becca, Kari {her roommate and part of the family} and Granny at the Car Museum. I'm not much of a car person, but this was cool. There was lots of history sitting in that big car garage.
This is the one I want.
This reminds me of Lizzie off Cars


Bobby's fav!

Day 6: Go Home.
This is by far my least favorite of all days! Not only to be leaving, but it was a long day. Wake up at 3:00 a.m. Drive to airport to make flight at 6:00 a.m. to Denver. Wait until 1:00 to fly to Vegas then Midland. Home at 8:30 that night. Yuck! But we made it home safe. Praise the Lord!! 

Now the only thing that we didn't get to do that I would love to do is SEE THE WHALES!! I love them and I am so fascinated by them. {Don't take me as a "save the whales" kinda nut. I just think that there is something majestic about them!} But February is not the best time to go see whales. It's winter and you see, and whales go to Hawaii for the winter. So, now I've gotta go back and visit them whales... and do some more hiking {that's not super fun in the winter either}!

You will have to excuse any typos. This is by far the longest post I have ever had. Maybe I could get the hang of this!?!

Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. How fun for you guys Mandie! I'm jealous...I love the Northwest. I'm a big fan of rain and cloudy weather.
    I'm glad you were able to talk Bobby into going and that you had such a great time. Hopefully next time you'll get to see the whales :)

  2. Mandie, I like this post! Fun to read and clever, "Don't Mind If I Do!" love that line. I think my favorite picture is Bobby and the funky trees. He looks to be having a blast,ha! I'm glad you guys had fun, and kudos to Bobby for making the time for a fun trip, sweet memories. And kudos to you for running by yourself in a state you've never been in!