Monday, March 4, 2013

Pantry Shelving.

A while back I posted about the shelves {click here to see} I made for the pantry. I soon realized {after getting all the stuff bank into the pantry} that I needed more shelves. Last weekend I finally got around to getting them made. They are perfect.
My favorite part about them, is how impressed Bobby was with my idea! {I would say "of my work" as well, be he helped me with them. He was impressed on how they turned out, but not because I made them!!}

There are only two right now, but after we got them in we decided that we could do a couple more! 

This is the opposite side. I finished these a while back and am just not getting to updating! I have enjoyed them SO much. I have two bins. One for onions and one for potatoes!

Loving my Pantry!!



  1. I'm loving your pantry too Mandie!

  2. Looking sooooo good!! Bobby should be proud!!

    Love ya