Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where the path leads...

As I wrote on Monday, we had a jam packed weekend full of projects! It was such a great weekend I can't wait for the next. {which should go without being said. I mean we do live for the weekends, right?} We got home from tearing down fence Saturday and I decided it was too gorgeous of a day not to get projects at home done. So, with gloves in hand, I set out to get some veggie beds made. I'm going to plant some onion and some herbs.
I finished the two beds before dark!! Then the next day we worked on a rock path. We just used left over rock from the house project. At first I wasn't really grooving it, but now that it's finished I'm in love with it!
This is just the start of all the projects I want to do outside {Just check my Pinterest board!}, but we've hit the ground running. Hopefully I will get to more sometime in the near future!

Happy Hump Day!


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  2. I love your rock path Mandie! I especially like towards the end where you get kind of geometric :) I'm excited to see what other projects you have in store!