Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Friday.

So I know it has been a long time since I posted. I love seeing everyone else's posts and what y'all are doing, but never take the time to share my life. It's just natural! I guess I feel like I don't have much to share or that anyone would even care, but here is goes anyways! I'm going to try and sum up August... it flew by so fast!

Boots the Bull.
On August 3rd we found our bull that had been hurt. We couldn't find him for a while since he was brushed up hiding from the other bull. Thankfully when we found him he was up by an old set of pens so we got him in really easily. So we got him to the pens at the house and started doctoring him. We called up my sister, who is a vet tech, and asked her advice. I sent her some pics and we went to work.
Now you see ole {formerly Buddy, but now Bobby has officially named him Boots!} Boots was not to happy with us, plus his foot hurt, so he was very angry with us. We had some struggles getting him to go into the chute. He ran Bobby up the fence a handful of times.

I've tried to document with pictures his progress. That way we can look back and compare how he's doing.  Sorry if this grosses you out. Just scroll on past.

Day 5


Emily Charlotte Horn.
On August 28, 2013 @ 9:48a.m. Miss Charlotte was born. Weighing 6 pounds and 13 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long... or you could just check this out!!

We were so thrilled to meet Miss Charlotte. She is precious! Our friends waited to find out what they were having till she was born! So I won cause I guessed a girl. Bobby was totally rooted for team boy!

Jynsen's Birthday.
A friend of mine out here in the cotton patch has a daughter that just turned two. Bobby had been in Oklahoma farming for a week, so I got to spend some time with that sweet family. On the 3rd day in a row of me being over there, I told Layne {the dad} that I was moving in!! Ha! But I got to help J'Layne with some of the decorations for the party. She has an ice cream party. It turned out so cute I wanted to share some pics!

Chalkboard I made for 2 year Pics!

Cake Pops!

 We have had more okra then I could have ever imagined. I've been picking okra all month long. For weeks before Bobby would keep saying, "the okra is about to put on." Even though it took longer then we thought, when it put on, it PUT ON! Oh my lanta! I have put so much okra up, we've eaten it, thrown out a bunch that was too big by the time we've gotten to it and we've even given bunches away, too! My plants are about as tall as I am, too! I have thoroughly enjoyed having a garden, but next year I'm going to try and have something a bit more manageable!
These are just a small fraction of what we've picked, but this was my first BIG pick! I was blown away!

 I should have taken pics, but we've got about 18 jars of pickled okra, too!

Garage Saling.
A friend that I work with goes garage saling in Midland almost every weekend. It is kinda something they do as a family. Well, I had her show me the ropes a few Saturdays ago. I got up at 6 and left the house at 7 AM on a Saturday morning to make it to the sales before the good stuff was gone!I had a blast and will be going again soon!

So this is my loot. I got an old chair to redo, owl, 2 vases, 2 pillows (for forms), 6 old blocks, 4 gallon mason jars, 10 quart canning jars (with the unused lids!!) and a baby carriage.
Now I got good deals on everything except the baby carriage. I think if I ever wanted to sell it I could make money, but it was my splurge. But how do you pass that up? I had several ask if this meant I was expecting, but no it does not. I just love it. I'm not sure my plans for it, but think that it would be cool in baby pictures and maybe displaying blankets and such at our booth in Oct. We shall see!

Lake Amistad.
Bobby's boss' dad (that's not confusing) has a lake house at box canyon. Well, it's a trailer house and it's old. So, he finally broke down (plus now he has some oil money) and bought a new trailer house. So,  Bobby was wrangled to go help with taking the shed off the top since the new house is bigger then the old house. This turned into a half, but free, vacation for us. Dennis (Bobby's boss) has one of those fancy boats (he also has some oil money) that makes waves, so his girls love to go surfing. Well, this was a new thing for us poor country folks, but we had such a fun time. We worked in the morning, then when it got hot, went our and played in the water!

first night there we took a walk down to the water.

This shows you how much the lake is down. Is should be where the white is

I've never added a video, so let me know if it doesn't work. I couldn't resist taking some video of Bobby surfing. He did get the hang of it pretty quick and started showing off, but i can't help but giggle at the video.

It was fun getting away and seeing country we hadn't seen before! And the lake was beautiful!

Random Pictures.
Here is just a couple random pics throughout the month!

Our fat and happy, mesquite bean eating cows!

Enjoying Watermelon from Coyonosa!

This sweet little thing is almost ONE!!
We are going to celebrate Miss G's birthday this weekend. I will add pics from the party next week. I promise!!

Hope y'all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!!



  1. Y'all been busy! I love the chalk board art! Y'alls mini-vacay looked fun. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Wow, seems y'all have been busy, busy!! :) Fun stuff, other than Boots the bull needing doctored, that's never fun.

    We're planning on being up in your area next weekend... :)

  3. Poor Boots! That looks awful :(
    You are getting seriously talented with the chalkboard thing. I need to take lessons from you :) Your baby carriage is a gem! I would have splurged on it too! Tell me about your booth in October...

  4. Looks like a fun month! What a cute party, love it!
    I also love your garage sale finds!!!!