Monday, September 9, 2013

Miss Gracen's Big 1st Birthday!

Now, as promised (even if it is a week late), here are pictures of Gracen's first birthday party! We had a busy Saturday preparing for the party by making ice cream and cake and getting all the details in order. It was exhausting, but so much fun!

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my sister (G's mom) broke her ankle/leg the previous Monday. Bobby told her that was awful timing!! She had most everything planned and ready to go and we all pitched in and helped get things to the party. It was my pleasure not only to help with the party, but to take care of Gracen for Mikkie. She had surgery on Wednesday and is in a splint cast and crutches with absolutely no pressure on the leg. So, I got to get miss G up and feed her breakfast, put her down for naps, bath her, ect... Love being this little ones aunt!!

So here are some of the decorations from the party! I took these on my sisters phone cause I forgot mine!! You'll have to excuse blurriness and such! Mik had a friend taking real pictures at the party, so these are just pre-party!

Smash Cake for Miss G!

And just a few for good measure. Having fun with miss G! "Winding her down for bed time!!!"

And she melts her Uncle Bobby's heart!! She would crawl up on the couch, then scoot down off the couch, then crawl around and her daddy (or I) would chase her her back up the couch! She was all giggles that night! It was my favorite!

And she is so smart. She does her own version, but she knows the sign language for more! And says, "mo..."

Miss Gracen is a HUGE Blessing in our lives!! Love her!!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. She's darling! And the party looks too cute :) Nice job to you and your sister! (Hope she gets better soon)