Monday, September 9, 2013

Miscellany Monday!

I'm going to go ahead and steal Jenn from Cow Cap Tales, Miscellany Monday! {Hope you don't mind Jenn!}

This weekend, like most, flew by so fast! I need to remind myself not to blink! Time is flying by so fast I feel like I'm going to miss something. The Lord has been doing his work on me, but I am loving this season that we are in. Not season's season {like summer or fall}, but this season in life! I have wished for many things to change and wanted and yearned for things, but I'm coming around to see God wants me to be content with the now! And I have a feeling that this season will end before I'm quite ready for it to, too!

So, here is to capturing these moments!!
{Aren't you proud of me?!? I've been taking more pictures!!}

Carport is finished!! Minus rigging some lights under there!

Cows! We sorted calves last Thursday and took them boys to the sale barn! Didn't get any good pictures, since I'm Bobby's right hand "man"!, but here are a few of the dust!!
But then we fed this weekend and I got to get some!

These last three are heifers. I'm so thrilled about our calf crop this year and getting to save some of these beauties back! And I'm thrilled with the condition the cows are in... who would have thought at the end of summer they would look this good?!? God is Good!!

German Chocolate Cake!
This was made at Bobby's request, but he was disappointed that I didn't put icing on the sides. The direction said that it was tradition not to ice the sides, but he doesn't like that! What do y'all think?? Ice the sides or not??

I've been talking about my okra all summer, I know, but I'm so fascinated by it! And it is now officially taller then me {Not that I'm tall or anything, but still!!} We've been making okra for a solid month, but this is the first the blooms are out {as far as I've noticed!}I think that they are gorgeous. Bobby and I were picking on Saturday morning and I just kept going on and on about them. I'm sure he was like, "Yea, I get the point," but he was nice and didn't say that!!

We've also got some Dove hunting in this weekend. Even though I'm not very good, I'm getting better. Most importantly I love it because I get to be with Bobby! It is fun to do together!!

 Am I watching the skies?? No! I'm watching this come across the field!!

And last but not least... last night while hunting we got to here this pretty storm roll in. It was still a little south of us and we only got some sprinkles, but it was wonderful to listen to and see God's beauty! I don't like how the camera can't pic up the glory of what it's like in real life, but it was a beautiful rainbow!!!




  1. I had no idea okra bloomed...let alone had such a beautiful bloom! That is really cool! I wish I could inspect it closer :)

  2. I just wish I could make a cake that pretty! I wouldn't care if the sides were iced or not!