Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where the path leads...

As I wrote on Monday, we had a jam packed weekend full of projects! It was such a great weekend I can't wait for the next. {which should go without being said. I mean we do live for the weekends, right?} We got home from tearing down fence Saturday and I decided it was too gorgeous of a day not to get projects at home done. So, with gloves in hand, I set out to get some veggie beds made. I'm going to plant some onion and some herbs.
I finished the two beds before dark!! Then the next day we worked on a rock path. We just used left over rock from the house project. At first I wasn't really grooving it, but now that it's finished I'm in love with it!
This is just the start of all the projects I want to do outside {Just check my Pinterest board!}, but we've hit the ground running. Hopefully I will get to more sometime in the near future!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pantry Shelving.

A while back I posted about the shelves {click here to see} I made for the pantry. I soon realized {after getting all the stuff bank into the pantry} that I needed more shelves. Last weekend I finally got around to getting them made. They are perfect.
My favorite part about them, is how impressed Bobby was with my idea! {I would say "of my work" as well, be he helped me with them. He was impressed on how they turned out, but not because I made them!!}

There are only two right now, but after we got them in we decided that we could do a couple more! 

This is the opposite side. I finished these a while back and am just not getting to updating! I have enjoyed them SO much. I have two bins. One for onions and one for potatoes!

Loving my Pantry!!


New Babies.

What a weekend it has been. I love weekends when we stay home and get tons accomplished. It feels so good! This was one of those kind of weekends, even though I worked my butt off! It started out Saturday morning with a yummy breakfast burrito, then unloading feed at the lease and feeding our cattle. This is my favorite time of year. The time with fresh, new, little babies on the ground. It's almost like you are just wanting to baby talk to them.... and then you catch yourself! Saturday was exceptionally like that, since a brand new {I mean less then 24 hours old, new} calf strolled over to visit. Mommy got busy eating yummy cake and he wandered around the front of the truck to visit us! I was taking pictures of the other calves and was like, "where did that new little tyke go?" This is what I found.....

 The other sweet babies!

Bobby had to get some loving! Talk about melt your heart!

Bye now!!

Then we headed over to another lease place and started working on fence. Not a fun task, but a necessary one.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!