Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 39.

It is kinda unreal to me that I only have a few days left in this pregnancy. This was something that I wanted to badly... to be pregnant... and here we are about to have this kid. I was telling Bobby last night how crazy it is all the parts of this process we've  gone through. Trying to get pregnant, being so excited cause we were finally pregnant, telling family and friends, finding out that we are having a sweet lil boy, showers and getting everything ready... and now waiting. I've never thought of it this way before, but it's been an amazing journey with all different kinds of emotions you go through. Looking back it has mostly flown by. Now that we are counting the days till he comes, it seems like time has stopped. I'm not miserable or necessarily tired of being pregnant, but I am SO ready to meet him! {And to stop wondering when and how it will happen!} But I am so anxious!

This little booger is getting big. It is still amazing to me to feel him move. He mainly just has his foot sticking out my side, but he hiccups a lot, too! Ready to hold those little feet in my hands!

As far as progress goes, I am the same as last week. Doc says that 1st time pregnancies usually go to due date or a little over. So we're still counting... 3 days from today he is due!! EEK!!

I thought this little cold front and full moon might set something in motion, but I'm still pregnant!


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  1. Your cute chalkboard made me smile :)
    Blessings to you at this exciting time!