Monday, June 30, 2014

Asa's Quilt.

My mom had been hand quilting for a while now. She started making us graduation present quilts, then wedding quilts, and now we get baby quilts. We love them so much! She calls these her 'heirloom' quilts since she hand quilts them and they take such a long time and lots of hours to make. Plus we will have them forever. 

She now machine quilts as well, but we cherish all the hours and prayers over this  quilt and over our sweet boy while quilting his quilt!! 

Here is Asa's quilt! 

You can see she quilted arrows and deer prints in the borders. Perfect for our little 'bear'! (We call him Asa Bear a lot since his middle name is Barret. Plus he growls and grunts a lot too!)

We've used it to play on a couple times!! I'm sure we get tons of use out of it! 

Thank you mom!! 

As a side note, I would link to her blog where she posts all her quilts, but don't know how to from my phone. Sorry!

1 comment:

  1. Asa Bear!!! Love it!
    Your sweet mom does such a good job! Such a perfect quilt for that little guy :)