Monday, June 9, 2014

Brand New!!

I know I'm late on this, but I will try and keep my blog updated! 

My mom came and stayed 4 or 5 days when Asa was first born. It was so nice to have her here to take care of us. And it was nice to not have to cook for a few days. Plus to have someone here for advice when I wasn't sure what to do! 

Oh new motherhood!!

Since she left I've had a couple of moments that I've called her crying not knowing what to do, but now I think I'm learning him a little bit better!! 

Here's a few pics of the past couple of weeks! 

This is how daddy left us in our crib. Covered by our burp cloth!! Silly daddy!  

The days fly by!! Two months old today! 

1 comment:

  1. Two weeks right? I had to go back on your blog and double check his birthday :)
    I love these pictures! Especially the one with the burp cloth as a blanket :)...those dads. They do their best :)
    He's a little angel Mandie!