Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Dozen Babies.

Life just happens sometimes. It doesn't go as planned but you just roll with the punches. This summer has been one of those non planning times. 

Starting with a son, we just roll with it. I like to have plans, but sometimes those plans have to be readjusted. Asa does so good and just goes where we go. We just have to plan accordingly. Like make sure you have the diaper bag... loaded with diapers, wipes, change or clothes, burp clothes.... 

Another unplanned event this summer was more babies. I had 9 months to plan for the one we've been trying for, but didn't really want any more. Now we have 11 more join the gang this morning! Sage, our black Catahoula, is now the proud momma or 11 little pups. 

She had been digging a cavern under the Yanmar (our little tractor we now the lawn with!), but I didn't anticipate them until the end of the month. 

I guess she knew that was a bad time for us so she went ahead and had them! Praise The Lord. One less thing to plan around!! 

I got the pups and Sage moved to the dog house. Hopefully she won't smother them now!! 

That's the news around here! Just enjoying the scattered showers and babies!! 


  1. How fun would it be to be living at your house right now!?!

  2. Oh my!! 11!!!! They are pretty cute, though. Sage seems like she's being a good mama!!

    Love ya!