Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our round trip!

This goes alone with the simple, but not boring. We had a very fast paced few days this past weekend. Bobby and I loaded up and headed east. We got to stop in at my parents for about an hour. Since we will be moving here in a couple of months, I've been going through my house getting rid of everything that I won't need in the new house. My dad had lent Bobby a desk when he was doing all that paper work for the state. It was such a blessing for him to get to use and store all the forms and slips he had to fill out and mail every week. Since he is no longer with the state it was just a catch all. If you do not know me real well, I'm a the opposite of a hoarder. I guess they call that a neat freak or a little OCD. Whatever it may be I like to throw things away and keep things clean and simple in my house. I do have stuff I store that I'll use in a project one of these days, but there is a ton of stuff I'm throwing away. All this to explain why we stopped in to see my parents. To take my dad's desk back to him and pick up a present that wouldn't fit in the car at Christmas!
Then we headed to Adamsville (Bobby's parents) and stayed the night. Of course we have to catch up and didn't get to bed till probably 12 or 1. Then we got up Saturday morning to go pick out a wood burning stove for the house. It was a fun little outing. We stopped by Myer's cedar yard in Lampasas to pick up the post for our front porch. We then dropped the trailer at Bobby's sisters (Misty) house and headed to Georgetown. Nothing like a 6 hour trip to pick up a stove. We got exactly what we wanted and it was on sale!! What a deal. It is fun going shopping, even though my wallet hates it!
This is pretty much what it will look like.

I even got Bobby to try on pants for Rygh and Lyn's wedding. Yay! That's out of the way! On the way home we stopped to see a guy Bobby used to work for. We sat and talked to them for 2 hours and they end up giving up a wood stove that her mom didn't want anymore. I guess when it rains it pours. God is definitely wonderful!! That night we went out to the field where his dad was burning brush. I missed the riding, but got to hang out with my niece and nephew. We had such a good time and a yummy hot dog party. While waiting in the truck for hot dogs to arrive (since it was super chilly out) Misty and I were visiting and Ace was with us, in the truck, since the guys were shooting he needed some comfort. Misty had her window partly down and Jaxson climbed through the window to hang out with us. He hugged ace and rubbed on him and just loved him. Ace was in heaven! He loves being petted and he actually pets back. Ace started rubbing Jaxson back and the were having the greatest time.
After the weenie roast Jaxson wanted to be chased and he wanted to chase me. (Probably cause I'm the only one who will run from him). I would go around the front of the truck (its dark dark out) and wait for him to come around. I'd jump up and scare him and he'd scream and then he'd chase me and I'd go hide again... for like an hour! I really did scare him a couple or times cause he needed someone to go with him to find me. It was too "tary" for him. Love that little kid.
The next morning we went to Church with his parents and then (as per tradition) went to go eat breakfast. It was such a good time to get to spend with the Granny Granddad and Pam and Robert! Got home and loaded up the truck and fought the wind back home. Not much of a restful weekend, but it was a productive one.

Have a Blessed Day!

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