Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taking care of myself

I think that I get so caught up in the busyness of life that I forget that taking care of myself is most important. Yesterday, for instance, I didn't cook breakfast (but i did have 2 cinnamon rolls my mother-in-law made, YUM!) and didn't really eat a good lunch. I had nothing in my fridge I really wanted to eat, but made myself eat something. I did, however, make a delicious steak salad for supper. Oh, my goodness it was wonderful. I was reading a friend's blog (Maggie Sears) yesterday and she was talking about how she had been learning more about nutrition, finding fun healthy recipes, planning her meals, ect... This got me thinking about my habits and I had a little reality check about how I'm treating my body. So, I have made some goals to a better me!

Goal One: Plan my meals (even lunch) and stick to it. I always have good intentions, but my plan may not always sound good or I'm too tired to make that... so I'll just do something easier. Well, here is my conscious effort to being better in the kitchen. In the past 2 years of marriage I have learned so much about cooking, preparing meals and using different recipes, but I still have a ways to go.

I was skimming through pinterest today and found this workout on how to lose belly fat. I started reading through the "42  ways to lose stomach fat" list and there was a reoccurring theme... HEALTHY!!! I went through the list and put it in my own words. I renamed it, too, because I think that being healthy will get your bod where you want.

42 ways to be a healthier me:
1. Make a plan
2. Water, Water, Water
3. Color your plate (eat more then just yellow foods like I do)
4. NO fast food
5. NO sodas
6. Do weight bearing exercises. (Running, Dancing, Weights...)
7. Do non-weight bearing exercises (rowing,
8. Don't be complacent - Now, I looked up the definition on this one (not that I don't know what complacent means, but just to put it in context). 


pleased, especially with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied
pleasant; complaisant.

Now this is interesting. So, with this one, don't be satisfied with an unhealthy state. Be aware.

9.  Don't starve yourself 
10. Don't deprive yourself, either
11. Don't give up on your goal (or skip number 1)
12. Don't try to isolate one part of your body - work out the entire body
13. Drink a glass of water before you eat (i definitely don't do this, yet)
14. Eat 5 SMALL meals a day
15. Give your tummy 20 minutes to feel full
16. Get the right fit!- if you're like me and like What? but this helps you feel better and no muffin tops.
17. Cardio 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week
18. Have a specific goal in mind (mine is my butt)
19. Ignore the hype
20. Ignore the scale
21. Know YOUR portion (i.e. Bobby and I cannot eat the same amount)
22. Maintain good posture- biggie for me
23. Swim
24. Read the labels
25. See a pro (i'd say use common sense)
26. Strengthen your core!! So important for your posture, too!
27. Substitute the sweets! - Fruit
28. Push-ups (done correctly)
29. Reverse sit-ups
30. Work together! I think that have a group or even on person to keep you motivated is great!
31. More meals, more often
32. Never Skip breakfast (guilty)
33. Monitor the food you're eating
34. Eat slowly
35. Cardiovascular exercises
36. Hydrate
37. Sleep. It is important to get the 7-8 hours recommended sleep per night
38. No alcohol - it slows down the natural fat burning process
39. Take the long way- (i.e. park at back of the parking lot)
40. Reduce your salt intake
41. Avoid stress

Leading into my 2nd Goal: Get Healthy.
I'm on the road for sure. Last week I started boot camp again. It kicked my butt, but I'm feeling better already. And I try to do Zumba if I have nothing else to do after work. That gets me working out 4 times a week. I'd also like to take the dogs for a walk on the other day! That leaves my weekends (since they're so unpredictable) to rest! 

I'll leave you with my recipe.. even though it might not be super healthy. 
Steak Salad:
Steak (I use whatever I have in the freezer. Last night it was sirloin)
Boiled Eggs
(anything you want to put on your salad)
- I cut up my steak into bite size pieces and marinade with zesty Italian dressing and season with salt and pepper, fajita seasoning, or whatever you like.
-boil eggs and cut up in a bowl.
-I cook my meat in a little oil. You can use olive oil or whatever you have. Get the oil hot and then cook meat until desired readiness. I have poured a little wine over the steak while cooking, but it depends on what you like. 
-Serve on top of lettuce with fixin's! 
Yummy Yummy!
Now I'm off to plan my meals and make a grocery list.

Eat right, be healthy and Be Blessed!


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