Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend!

So, I have been a real drag lately. I did not decorations for Easter, I didn't get any pictures from the wedding and I really have no news to tell.

We had a great time at the wedding. My family and I got to stay in the Farm House at Riven Rock Ranch. Bobby and I stayed in Martha's suite. It was so nice. We ate so good, too! Rehearsal dinner was in Kerrville at Billy Gene's. It was right off of the river and the food was amazing. We had such a good time catching up with the family and enjoying the beautiful green. And then we got breakfast at their grill on site. Wonderful! There were tons of wild flowers on our drive down there, too! Gorgeous!! I told Bobby it was like a paid vacation. We had a wonderful time!

We got home and our second cat had had her kittens. By best I can tell, we have 9 kittens in all now. I am just looking forward to when they will play with us. Hopefully the dogs will be nice to them.

Sage is getting so big! I was looking at pictures from 2 weeks ago and in that short amount of time she has grown a bunch. She is so smart, too! She already knows what, "Manners!" means and will beat Junior to a sit when it's time to play. We have enjoyed her tremendously and love her so much. God definitely had her hand picked for us. She is getting braver though. She is starting to hunt a little with her brother. He loves her, too, and lets her bite and chew all over him.

Bobby has been working hard on the tile in the house. I know I haven't posted much about the house lately, but it's coming along and I'm wanting to get done with this before summer hits. We have about half of the tile done in the great room, but there are still the baths. That will be the long part, since there is showers and tubs to tile. I have been helping Bobby when I can. It sure makes it go a lot faster when there is a tiling buddy to help. Poor Bobby has been laying the tile by himself during the day. Let's just say that he appreciates me coming and helping.

We got home on Sunday around 3 and Bobby was craving a cherry pie. His favorite now! So, since I had time, I went ahead and made one for him. It turned out really good, but didn't last very long!

Hope everyone had a great week!
I promise I will get pictures soon!


  1. That Pie is beautiful!!! Mine always turn out looking funky because I can't do the top very pretty!!! Now I am craving cherry pie....

    I am disappointed I was wanting pictures of the wedding! I'd like to see some of the house now too!!!

    Hope we can see y'all soon!!!

  2. yum yum!!! I made lemon pie yesterday!!

    Love you,


    1. Yes Mom, it was good. Bobby asked me yesterday... "So when are you going to make me a cherry pie?" ha ha... he loves them!

  3. Feel free to make me a pie! I like lemon and cherry!
    my address is.......