Friday, April 13, 2012

Picture Update!

Here are the pictures that I promised yesterday. They're not great, but I'm not a photographer, so what can I say!

Zeva with her 4 kittens

Sage, wanting to shake my hand

She's easily distracted

The house pictures thus far. I know I haven't posteed much lately, but I will have to go bck and see what I've left out. The outside it pretty much finished (aside from framing wood around doors) so I know I need to get a picture of the outside. I have some pictures of the painted rooms, but they are pointless since you can't really tell what color they are.

Lights in great room!


Tile before we started yesterday. We got so much more done.

The hearth and entertainment station!
There is still tons to do, but at least it's starting to look like a house!

Goal 1: to get done with all the great room by next weekend... and maybe even bathroom floors. Definitely an obtainable goal!

Goal 2: Be done with all tile by the end of April (that includes showers, tubs and grouting!)

Here are the bride and groom!
My brother got married this past weekend and this is at the reception! She is so beautiful!

Everyone have a happy Friday and weekend!


  1. wow! I am so impressed with your fireplace/entertainment center area. It's beautiful. How neat that you guys are doing your own home.

  2. Looking good!!! I like the tile a lot!! Cool lights!! Sage has really grown - what a sweet girl!! Zeva did good!! Talk to you soon!!



  3. WE DON'T NEED CATS! THEY WON'T LIVE! LOL! I thought I would just say that up front. I have given up on cats. Your house looks great! Y'all are doing a great job!!! I can't wait to see the finished project!!!