Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Land of the Free...

I know I have been awful at keeping this thing updated. I've had good intentions, then life comes rushing in! Last week was busy with me being out most of the week. I had to go to central Texas for a funeral so that took up most of my week. No complaints here, though! I got to drive through some beautiful country and stop at a couple cute antique shops! Plus, I got to hang out with my sweet niece and make her giggle! I love sweet Gracen giggles!

Now a disclaimer: I didn't take these photos. I just stole them, but she is too cute not too share!!
Redneck Swimming Pool/ Feed tub

I got home on Friday evening and then had all weekend to get some projects done. {Which is always great!}
Even though I did do a little house cleaning, I mainly got to mark several things off my lists!

One thing I did while I was "dusting" was take down Spring decorations and put up Summer. Since I hadn't shared my latest Spring decor, I took a couple pics! Now, you will have to excuse my awful photography skills. I just used my phone and they didn't turn out very well, but you'll get the idea!

I got me an old branch and made me a 'spring bloom tree'! I think it turned out so adorable!

These are my spring blocks... I change them for every season. Bobby gives me heck and says that he thinks it funny that I have that up there as if we might forget what season it is... Well, I like it! So there!

I got many ideas from my creative mom over the couple days I was there, and so I had to put them into action once I got home. Of course, I stopped by Michael's on the way home and picked up a couple things!

I made the bunting to go with my new American flag my mom quilted... I told you she was good!

And since I had one, might as well make 2! Maybe I will sell one!

This cutie was an idea off none other then Pinterest! I have it on sale on my etsy shop if anyone is interested!
Check it out! My sister has some cute stuff on there, too!

Here is me telling everyone it is SUMMER! I know it is obvious, but there it is!! And I'm loving my red, white and blue this year... we can celebrate all year!

This was another idea off Pinterest. A girl actually makes them and sells them on Etsy. you can check out her shop, she does any state and and color I believe! I decided to make my own! Didn't turn out too bad, if I do say so my self! This also go along with my red, white and blue!!

I have a couple other projects up my sleeve... or in my head, I should say, but I have other things I need to get done! Like yesterday I cleaned the mud room and touched the paint up in there!! Go me! And praise the Lord we have had rain to make mud and make the "mud room" useful!!

Speaking of rain... I have pictures from weekend before last of our garden. Not much has changed since then... except the weeds are doing well off the rain! We do have a couple blooms on some squash and cantalope, but that's about it. After you see the pictures of how enormous our garden is, you can imagine why I don't want to make it thrive. This was the guys {Bobby and his boss, Dennis} idea, so they can take care of it. If I had it my way, it would be WAYYYY smaller!!

 It might be hard to tell from this picture, but that is the garden. Well, there is still some to the left you cannot see in the picture. From here all they way to that big barn in the back. Yep... it's huge! Most of it is supposed to be corn, but it's obviously not doing too well!

Green Beans


 I borrowed the 4 wheeler to take out the trash since the pickup was hooked up to the trailer. It's about a mile down to the trash pit... I made them run!!

 But, they got a ride back!!

 Then I hauled some rock for another flower bed on the south side of the house. Moving rock is as far as I've gotten! Hopefully I'll get around to it soon!

Hope y'all have a wonderful week and a cool SUMMER!!!


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  1. Whoa! Super huge garden!
    Now I can't complain about having to take care of my dinky one :)
    Your niece is super cute!
    I love all of your decorations and was so excited to see that you had opened up your Etsy store! Way to go!
    (I especially love your Texas pillow!)