Friday, June 21, 2013

Texas Cotton Tales!

I mentioned last week that my sister and I had opened an etsy shop. I've been wanting and urged to do this for some time now, but with a full time job and being a full time wife with a house to clean and supper to cook and too much time on Pinterest and too many ideas of things to make and spending any extra time working on said projects.... I haven't made the time to ever get it started. Well, that has all ended. I jumped off the procrastination boat!

I put a couple things on to see how they would do and to kinda figure out how to sell on etsy. Then my sister wanted to sell some baby swings that she had made. {One for her house for Miss Gracen, then one for NeNe and Nanny and Gran Nanny's house!! Oh, and for a niece!} Since she figured out that it wasn't super complicated and her and her husband work at a hardware store with a bounty of supplies to make the swings, she decided to start selling them!!

Even though there is more to come, we have a few items up for grabs {and we made our first sell the other day!!}!
You can check it out at

Now you know we have stuff for sale, but I wanted to share a bit about our name and how it came to be!

As you know, my blog is At Home in the Cotton Patch. I had been wanting to call my etsy shop the "Cotton Patch", but apparently I'm not the first to think of that. So, my sister and I put our heads together to come up with a name that would encompass who we are and what we sell! Even though I've been the creative one all our lives, she actually came up with great names! She said, "Let's do Cotton Tales!". What a cute name, right!?!? But like Cotton Patch, Cotton Tales was taken. So now we are Texas Cotton Tales. I like it! Doesn't hurt to be a little Texas proud, either!!

The shops name is Texas Cotton Tales, but we might be in the making of a little baby line! So my brilliant sister named her swings, "Bushy Tales Baby Swings" with our products being called Bright Eyed and Bushy Taled. I would love to say our line, but I will wait until we have more then one item and more then one sale!! {I'm trying to work on a couple more items that would go under our "BE&BT" line! Let you know more when the time comes!}

Here is the Bushy Tales Baby Swing:

We have several different options in the shop right now and can do custom orders!

Let your new mothers know about us!!

Hope y'all have a great first day of Summer!!!!



  1. Love the name! Off to check out your shop!

  2. I think your name is perfect! This is so exciting Mandie! Can't wait to see how things go for you :)

  3. Cute photo!! Do I know the place!! LOL Praying blessings on your venture.!

    Love ya!