Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Weekend Fun.

I'm sure it is not surprise that I didn't get many pictures. Bobby turned 29 on Saturday and his parents and Granny came out to celebrate with him {us}!

Friday night we went to the baseball game in Midland. It was a fun game with many hits and lots for coupons! Bobby's dad even caught him a Frisbee for his birthday! We had a grand time and enjoyed it immensely.
Saturday {birthday day!!} I got up and made pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Bobby did some work around the barn and we kinda just hung out {I weeded in my garden and watered my ward and ect...} then we grilled some burgers and squash for lunch. Right after lunch, we headed to the pasture to pull a windmill. I know I've shared pictures on this before, but I wish I had gotten a picture of my hands. I looked like an orange man. I had rust and grease all over me!! After we got the windmill pulled and "pushed" we worked the few calves we had left to work!
We finally got home around 8:30 and got ready to go eat birthday day dinner in town. I was completely exhausted, so I was extremely happy not to have to cook!! We ate at the hotel settles. The Settles opened for business October 1, 1930, and was occupied until the early 1980s. It was then abandoned until this year. In January 2013 it reopened! They have done an excellent job restoring the hotel and keeping it "original" to the the era. They have lots of history through out the hotel! We had a lovely dinner!

Sunday we got up early once again and went to move the cows to a new pasture! We had left them in the trap at the windmill over night so they would already be up. We were going to trail them to the new pasture, but since it crosses the highway, we decided to just trailer them over. It was a nice morning getting to be out with the things that we love!! We got home just before noon and I made Bobby Crawfish Bisque. I guess since he likes to drag out his birthday, we were still celebrating! His family left after lunch and we had a nice relaxing evening.... minus the washer breaking and having water all over the laundry room to clean up.

The cows are enjoying some fresh belly high grass!! Doesn't get better then this!!

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband... with many more to come!!



  1. What a neat looking hotel! Such a fun place to celebrate :)

  2. I want to go to the Settles!! Looks cool!! Love the green grass!! Cows are looking great!!

    Love ya