Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but it was a busy day! I sat in on commissioners court in the morning for the clerk, then worked on some stuff. After lunch I had to run some district court cases to Big Spring (where is the district court is) I got the tour of the district court building. Since I have never been there is was good to learn where everything is! And then since I was in town got some groceries. Being out in the boonies, you don't miss opportunities to get what you need in town, while you are in town!  Then while I was checking out, I hear a loud crack of thunder! I knew it was going to rain. The sage everywhere was in full bloom and it was still and the flies were biting! But when I went in the store, it didn't look close! But it was pouring! I sat at the doors going out for like 15 minutes, then finally decided to just go get soaked! And I did! It was kinda wonderful though!!

So now the reason for this post!

My version of success and my husbands version of success this weekend was totally different! I had a projects list I was working on and Bobby had a recliner and a remote he didn't want to leave unattended! Let's just say we both succeeded this weekend!! I did have a little fun asking him for help and making him get out of his chair a couple times. I mean, what are wives for if not to give their husbands heck every once in a while!?! Right?!?!

Here are some things I got done over Saturday and Sunday.

Shelf for the pantry:

Now I didn't take a before and after, but I should have. It was a total wreck and I couldn't stand it anymore! I had to clean up the bottom of this closet!

 And the good thing about cleaning out closets, you find things you've lost. I thought I lost my pedometer (for contest at work!), but it was on a shoe in the closet. I guess I never looked too hard for it! Oops!

It's just a simple shelf, but it makes a world of difference!


My little sweet adorable niece... this one!

...Well she is turning ONE on September 6. So there is lots of planning going on! My sister asked me to help with some of the decorations! And I jumped at it and have it finished everything she asked me to make. Maybe I'm a little bit anxious!?! Here is the chalkboard. I will be selling some on our etsy shop and at the show this fall! Stay tuned!

Plus I added the felt banner! I thought it needed a bit more!

These are the other little things I did for the party! I'm getting excited!


I also canned some zucchini relish this weekend. 2 batches! So that is what everyone is getting for Christmas. I still have a few recipes that I will make with some zucchini, but I am done with the relish! I'm going to do a casserole and a cake. Maybe freeze some. Then the rest is target practice. I want to go pull up the rest of the plants so we get no more squash!

 I will try and get my zucchini relish making experience up on the blog tomorrow!


Bobby had to finish some spraying up on Saturday, but when he got home he was ready for some swimming. I had a watermelon chilling in the fridge, so we loaded up the watermelon, a knife, the dogs and jumped in our swim suits to go swimming. Now, we have this small personal lake on the farm. It's called a frac pit. It just had a bunch of fresh water pumped into it that they didn't need, but all the better for swimming. The pit is only about 7 feet deep or so, but it's big! Bobby wants to put the pontoon boat in and act like he's fishing! I bet the boss would like that!! {Disclaimer: Don't ever swim in one by yourself, and don't tell your boss (the county judge) that you swim in a frac pit!} But we had some floaties and were very safe!

i had to get some pics of him being a goober! I LOVE THIS MAN!!

Look at that watermelon face!!
You'll have to excuse his farmer tan!! His body doesn't see the sun much!!

Hope y'all have a great week!!



  1. I love all your DIY's, your so talented! :)

  2. Your chalkboard and banners are gorgeous! I hope you don't mind if I pinned them :)
    Can't wait to see pictures of the party when it happens.